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  3. WoLFMaN

    Favorite non glow spoon

    Blue Chilly Willy. Hands down.
  4. I'd start by adding rods that will be far from what you already own. In other words, have big gaps in depth achieved. So if it were me, I'd go with a 5 color or 300' of 45lb copper.
  5. WoLFMaN

    Church boards - 22's vs walleye

    The new giant 44's pull like a dream. They plane much further out to the sides of the boat with a load of core or copper than a walleye board ever will. For anyone that is considering trying them, I highly recommend you do!
  6. WoLFMaN

    150, 200 or 250 Copper?

    Yup, one of each. I'd start at 200' to fill the gap in your current assortment. Expand from there.
  7. WoLFMaN

    Plugs vs Spoons

    Same here.
  8. WoLFMaN

    Moonshine Lures

    Bloody nose & happee meal.
  9. WoLFMaN

    best knot.....

    Exact same program here too. I use Trilene big game 20lb for riggers. Good line at an inexpensive price. I get it at Walmart.
  10. WoLFMaN

    Copper and albright knot

    Sounds like bad line to me. The albright is a pretty easy & strong knot. I use it on all my copper rods.
  11. WoLFMaN

    How many reels

    2 @ 2 color 2 @ 3 color 2 @ 5 color 2 @ 150' 45lb Cu 1 @ 200' 45lb Cu 1 @ 250' 45lb Cu 1 @ 300' 45lb Cu 2 mono riggers 2 braid dipseys
  12. WoLFMaN

    How to tell what’s what?

    Same here. Works well.
  13. WoLFMaN

    Let's see your rig!

    Amen brother.
  14. WoLFMaN

    Trolling direction??

    Every day is different for me. Find what they want by experimenting. Once it's narrowed down, stick to it until it quits working!