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  1. There is a couple of dents and some minor rock chips in the paint. The carpeting is in good condition and all 4 seats are matching from Alumacraft. I don't have an hour meter on the boat so I can't give a precise number of hours. The boat has not been used that much as I have accumulated too much tackle and have bought another boat in 2016. Mostly I used this boat to troll lake Michigan in the spring. The rest of the year the boat would sit in my garage. The boat is currently stored in LaPorte, IN but on occasion I will move it to New Buffalo, MI. Asking price $8,000 OBO. Contact me at [email protected] or send me a private message. The boat comes with the following: 1. 50 HP Mercury EFI 4 Stroke 2. Minn Kota 50 lb Terrova with Ipilot. (Includes handheld remote) 3. Fusion radio w/ipod docking station, aux connection, and 2 speakers. 4. Hummin Bird 597c, Hummin Bird 345c, and a Raymarine Dragonfly 6 w/Navionics 5. Shorelander trailer with swing-tongue and spare tire 6. Boat Cover 7. 2 Big Jon manual downriggers on a tite lok track system 8. 2 Scotty 3 rod, rod holders 9. VHF Marine Radio with antenna 10. 2 bank Minn Kota battery charger There's probably something that I missed, please PM me or e-mail for any additional questions. Bellow is the specifications from Alumacraft. The boat has not changed much since 2010. Length 16’ 4” 5 m Beam 82” 2.1 m Transom Width / Height 82”/20” 2.1 m/0.5 m Max. Horsepower 75 hp 56 kW Max. Depth 35” 0.9 m Max. Hull Thickness 0.145” 3.7 mm Freeboard Thickness 0.065” 1.7 mm Weight 895 lbs 406 kg Max. Capacity 5/1,280 lbs 5/581 Fuel Capacity 17 gal. 64 L Livewell Bow 34 gal. 129 L Instruments speed, tach, volt, fuel, horn Seats 4 deluxe
  2. I hear that guys are catching coho off the pier in Michigan City now. I'm sure you will be fine going in April but if can come earlier you may be better off.
  3. Well I figured a bad report was better than no report. Got out today to do my shake down run. We went 0-1. Threw a mix of jointed rapalas and thin fins. Trolled mainly around the harbor mouth in and out of the muddy water. Water temp was around 33-34 degrees. Speed on the GPS around 1.8 to 2.5. Not sure if the speed had anything to to do with our luck but we met up with others at the ramp who did much better than we did. Said they got 15 . When I asked how fast they were trolling they said between 2.8 and 3. But had some of their hits come on the outside lines during a turn. I wouldn't have thought to go that quick seeing the water temp was so low. This brings up a question. How fast do some others troll for coho, kings, and steel-head?
  4. Went out of New Buffalo around 7am looking for silver fish. We stayed in close to the guys fishing for perch. Only managed to get a 12" perch on a downrigger and a sheep head on a dipsy. Probably should have gone for perch. I did talk to a few guys that had got perch limits although some said the bite was slow.
  5. Went 7 for 10 today. All coho. Fished mainly in 25 to 40 foot water. Hot bait was a red and gold j-plug about 30' down. Unfortunately i lost it at the end when the down-rigger released and all I pulled up was a bent snap swivel. J-plug picked up 3 with another 3 releases black and silver j-11 10' down on rigger picked up 2 red and black thin fish got 1 orange j-11 got 1
  6. Went 6 for 6 today. Best action was going in and out of the muddy water coming out of the harbor. Water temp was 46 in the mud and dropped to around 38 just beyond the rocks. All caught on thin fish. 1 brown on a blue and silver and the other 5 were coho on red w/black.
  7. All fish were caught within a small area straight out of the harbor. The furthest west was to the pump house and the furthest east was just past the pubic beach. We must have made 5 or 6 circles within the 3 hours we were out.
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