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Some advice please

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I've used the Daiwa Accudepth 47LC reels for kings.  They work ok.  The 27LC size should be plenty for walleye fishing.  The will drop the price below $100/reel.  These reels would only work for trolling and would be difficult to cast.

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1 hour ago, Wes34 said:

Okuma cold water reels are hard to beat for the price.

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Okuma has a low profile line counter reel that looks pretty sweet.  If you're near Grand Rapids the Outdoorsmen Pro Shop in Jenison has a good selection of anything you could want.  And even some things you don't want, but can't live without! lol

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it really doesn't matter where it comes from because they send these reel out to suppliers, so they all get the same product. i used the old sealine sg17lca for yrs. but they were too old for tuna tom to repair them. i also am using the sealine sg17lc3b reels which are working great. but I had heard so much about the cold waters that when I replaced the old lca reels I got the cold water 203. if you do any salmon fishing, I would recommend a larger reel. I have people with small hands so i use small reels for walleye fishing.


the Daiwa sglc3 reels are good reels that catches a lot of eyes. I have only used the cold water reels one time. they are so much smoother than the Daiwa reels and I believe they have a much smoother drag on them. only time will tell how long they will last. either one of these reels will do the job but when I replace the daiwa sglc3b reels it will be with the cold waters if the ones I have are still good.


this late in the season I would watch for sales. when I bought mine I kept going to eBay and Amazon checking prices and got mine for 96.00 each on eBay.

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