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  1. Thanks Russel, really enjoy the report and information.
  2. Autopilot Advice

    Maybe too late but just saw this posted on chitown angler.
  3. Way to start the season boys. Congrats.
  4. How far is your fly behind the flasher( end of loop to end of hook)? on my boat 28 works best.
  5. Do you know how far down the hot bite was? Maybe you were below the feeding fish with your baits. You could set them out first time with a slow creep till you get bit. What you do is let them out about 10 feet engage reel then back drag off so they slowly creep out till you get to the depth you think you should be out.
  6. Anybody out there install the Garmin Reactor ? looking to add one to my rig, any pros,cons?
  7. Thanks for the report and pic. Looks to be nice sized cohos.
  8. the loop where the dodger attaches to the top leader . the weight at the end of the dodger will slow it from spinning.
  9. If memory serves me yet I used either 1/16 or 1/8 oz bell sinkers and just slid them on the pigs tale. If you have a specific fly you put the split shot right in front of the loop knot knot and leave the split shot on as a reminder that's it's a higher speed fly for lakers. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  10. Put a large split shot,buckshot sized, on the loop of the fly where it attaches to the dodger. This will allow you to troll faster and keep the dodger from spinning. Works great for kings as well. Learned this from an older savy charter capt. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. I tried that set up a few years back on a couple mag PK's and never had a sniff. Maybe the wrong material or color combination. Just might have to try it again. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Is that a doctored moonshine or a factory spoon?
  13. Gnarf, whats your standard leader lenght on the poofster fly behind the big paddle?
  14. Amazingly Nohaha was wrong:o, which was a good thing as we expected cappers when we arrived sat AM. and the lske was flat, . Got a good tip at the launch that there was a good bite in 150 fow. Started there and ended there 14 miles south as there was some major build up come mid morning and no trolling back into them. Tried many different presentations and the only thing that worked for us was a spoon spread. Top 50 fow was the best for most boats I talked to. All 6 fish we caught came on 6 different flavors. 10c mgd 6c agent orange 3c eagan high(mature kings) dypsy out 90 double purple spook raider (laker) and purple black pk laker, 88 pk down 32 swr mature king all in 150 to 152 fow. Went back today to fine the lake flat so right back to 145 a couple miles south and basically worked 120 to 160ish from 2 to 4 miles south. Other then 2 in a row on a crab face down 35 on swr it was another 1 and done day with all spoon bite again. Ended up with 4 adult kings , 1 mid sized, 2 bows and a laker going 8 for 8. dypsy took 1 w/ b/p pk again on the set up out 82 loc. 2c swr also took a mature king w/ a mountain dew double ladderpk.6c,7c, and 10c also took a fish. Turned out to be a Great day on a Great Lake for me today. 8-)
  15. I use submersible tea lights I bought from amazon for a buck a piece. Use velcro to hold them on the tow arm. I put the fuzzy stuff on the arm. Works great.