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  1. because someone (me) forgot to gas up the boat when he put it away last fall. Look at this way, now you will have a full tank of FRESH fuel
  2. RedRider

    Looking for a specific spoon.

    go to your local meijers cosmetic section and shop for the matching finger nail polish
  3. RedRider

    Divers breaking?

    Sorry to say the clear ones for some reason had a habit of breaking from what I have heard from others. Never saw that with a green or orange one.
  4. RedRider

    I'm New Kind of..

    I have a friend who fishes Superior early spring and does well with 00 orange dodgers and peanut flies.
  5. RedRider

    Moore Subtroll parts

    I will have 2 display units and 1 probe for sale this spring as soon as I get the boat out of storage to remove pick up and transfer cable. Kids got me a new toy for xmas.
  6. interested in light bites if still available
  7. RedRider

    Saugatuck 12/22

    Very nice, great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks Russel, really enjoy the report and information.
  9. RedRider

    Autopilot Advice

    Maybe too late but just saw this posted on chitown angler.
  10. Way to start the season boys. Congrats.
  11. How far is your fly behind the flasher( end of loop to end of hook)? on my boat 28 works best.
  12. Do you know how far down the hot bite was? Maybe you were below the feeding fish with your baits. You could set them out first time with a slow creep till you get bit. What you do is let them out about 10 feet engage reel then back drag off so they slowly creep out till you get to the depth you think you should be out.
  13. Anybody out there install the Garmin Reactor ? looking to add one to my rig, any pros,cons?
  14. Thanks for the report and pic. Looks to be nice sized cohos.
  15. the loop where the dodger attaches to the top leader . the weight at the end of the dodger will slow it from spinning.