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  1. Agreed as well. Low cost and some great colors.
  2. Thanks for sharing the spoon pic.
  3. If your clip on the back of the board has a center pin and your lines behind the pin there is no way your going to loose the board unless the line breaks.
  4. Not sure what used musky baits bring (last 7 pics). Willys file, baits and following plugs and box easy $400.
  5. we did well this past week also and our hot rods were lite bite slide divers 25 loc with a 1.5 set and no.5 flicker shads in purple gold tiger ,pink tiger and lemonade.
  6. for salesurge brake hitch 2" ball April 23 listing is SOLD. thanks GLF.
  7. 8/14 this item is sold, thank you GLF.
  8. This was marked as sold. I thought the thread was removed. Sorry.
  9. How many fish do you catch on a hot spoon before you replace split ring just because it might fail. Obviously after each fish a quick look to see if it's stretched .
  10. Awesome report with pictures of the spoons. Bought ready to make a road trip from the dead west side.
  11. WSA5561 something I'll never forget. I have half big game and half bloodrun. Both are excelling with the blood run mono backing leading a little.(hi-vis color has not faded). no failures.
  12. Brand new in the box . Attwood hyd brake hitch complete. Had for my old ez loader tandem axle trailer which has left. I will gladly text a picture to interested party. $125 plus shipping if needed.
  13. You will be very happy in the long run by doing it right the first time. I think you did a first class installation.
  14. Sent you a pm. Willing to help shorten the learning curve.
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