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  1. Greetings everyone, I am seriously looking a buying one or two 3rd generation units and would run using all the sonar options. If it is two units the large draws 2.8 Amps and the small draws 2.5 Amps. I understand that a 12 volt battery has to be dedicated to power one of these units. But the question is can I also include the smaller unit with the same 12 volt battery or would there there be too much distortion or power loss? In anticipation of a few questions I would mention that I would be running my dedicated 12 volt battery parallel from my 12 volt cranking battery with an isolator. And that the charging system of my 90 Honda and my 8hp Honda maintain my cranking battery. The experience/expertise found in this forum is very helpful. So I hope you all can help me in completing my exercise in due diligence. Thanks again jim
  2. Sounds like old or bad gas. Magnum Lure is right we need more information. When my motor died on two separate occasions I had my tank pumped and installed a secondary inline fuel line filter that allows me to collect and dump bad gas. To this day I regularly add Sea Foam or Stabil. Winter storage is with a full tank of premium gas and lots of S F or S. Good luck and hope this helps
  3. I might have already reported this. Two years ago Bob and I were musky trolling in Lake of the Woods. We both let out our Jakes at the same time close to Forest Island. Suddenly Bob’s line rose to the sky , followed by mine. We looked up and there was a bald eagle struggling in the air with a Jake in each talon. We reeled it in and Bob put on his leather gloves. The bird was somehow placed on its back on the water and this seemed to calm it down. Bob grabbed a pliers while I held a paddle between him and the bird’s beak. Carefully the bird was released to half swim/ fly to Forest where it perched itself on the highest tree. Bob and I continued to troll.
  4. A SUGGESTION If you are like me , prone to losing things. My Knipex and pliars both have fish floats attached to them with both heavy cord and duct tape. So when entangling fish I won't lose a tool to the depths.
  5. It would help us all if every downrigger manufacturer placed a video on how to spool rigger line on Youtube and had a download from their site illustrating this too. I am afraid that I am part of a large group who are all "thumbs" and have no one close by to assist! Downrigger cable kinks very easily and messes up despite your best efforts. You can not even imagine the frustration!
  6. Thankyou Big Bass. Merry Christmas to you and yours from Canada! Already looking forward to next year with all that karma.
  7. Sharing a memory from this year. Its late September and Bob Holden and I are fishing in Canadian Esox's Musky Tournament. Bob is an accomplished multi species angler. Fishing was really difficult. We fished in fog and rain in the morning and a bluebird sky in the afternoon. You all know what this means. Its now late in the day and there is only enough time for one last troll. We were at Forest Island. Bob and I released our cranks. Bob had a white Jake made by Drifter Tackle. I had Live Target's Sucker. Both lures were released at the same time. Suddenly my crank went skyward and then Bob's was also overhead. We looked up. There was an eagle trying to get away with our lures attached. What to do ? We reeled it in. Bob put on his leather gloves and I found a paddle. At the boat the eagles wings beat like hammers across the stern. I placed the blade of the paddle between Bob and that great beak. Upside down the bird began to quiet down. Bob carefully removed the cranks, one from each talon. The bird was let go and it half swam and half flew to Forest Island. There, it rested a bit and then flew up to perch (in disgust) on to the highest tree. We continued our troll. Wish we had a camera. jim
  8. Hi, How do you protect your transducer when loading your boat onto your trailer? Do you cut back one of your bunks or just move your transducer sideways? jim
  9. Thanks For The Information I have read a few articles on this subject. Your article and the one authored by a Ollie Rode have always bothered me because I am sure that I do not fully understand it. So what to do and I am sure that there are others out there like me!. I am going to print off a lot of notes and then this coming spring I am going to ask a friend of mine who is an electrical engineer for assistance using his multi meter. Then we are going to go over my aluminum boat to get readings. I suspect that I need a second anode as used in my previous aluminum boat and I am going to replace a busted wire on the outside of the shaft of my Honda which I understand connects the zincs. Why I am doing all of this? I have a wonderful memory trolling in freshwater. Eating my wife's prized chocolate oatmeal cookies. Catching lake trout. One after the other, on the surface, close to the boat - IN MY OLD ALUMINUM BOAT ! Haven't had this happen in my new boat, a Lund. I understand that it is bonded properly. I am also going to measure the ion control in my Cannon downrigger. I have never used it. jim
  10. This is hard but we have to sell Dad's Chris Craft. We are in Canada. The boat is listed for $25,000. and features a six cylinder Chris Craft "M" series engine. Top speed is 35 MPH. It was recently up graded to a 12 volt system and the carb has just been rebuilt so it just purrs when under way. There is also a new fuel filter. The boat is currently in storage in Anola, just outside of Winnipeg , Manitoba. I hope I can post a picture so you can see it. The Athendune needs someone to love her as much as we have.
  11. A dash of Stabil or C Foam added to the fuel tank from time to time can't hurt. It depends upon on how cold your winter is and if your engine is left in the water. I sometimes like to regrease those zerks from time to time. New crank case and bottom end oil is usually a good idea. Up north across the border we have also found having new spark plugs installed can be helpful for cold weather starts - you don't want a dead engine when you are cold and far away.
  12. Have a Humminbird 1197 and though out of date still enjoy using it. The nice thing about using Humminbird products is that you can call them for assistance/guidance on their 1 - 800 line and no question is a dumb question. Plus Humminbird will still try to service their older units. Lowrance will not ! Leaving you out in the cold. I used to be a long time Lowrance user but never again. I refuse to flush my hard earned money away.
  13. Some time ago in my previous boat with an OMC four cylinder I had a similar experience! Very upsetting. i found that the outdrive swivel pin hadn't been greased for quite some time. I had been relying upon professionals to do this when the boat was placed into storage and yes this was also my fault! But I did try to learn what should have been done. Regardless the outdrive heated up and the engine acted in much the same manner as yours did. I later found the swivel pin recessed under the water in the outdrive. Apparently OMC expected every inboard owner to take their boat out of the water after a certain number of hours halfway thru the season to regrease this pin. This was a very old system that they should have improved upon over time. Try getting parts! Wish the selling dealer had pointed this out to me! I expect they wanted to keep their service and repair area busy thru the winter. In any case OMC left Canada soon after this to try and restructure their operation in the US. My next boat was an outboard , a Honda. Hope you have better luck than I did.
  14. I have read it and now re-reading it for about the 5th time marking special passages. The book stands on its own following the first one. Recommend you buy both of them for your library!
  15. In Florida charter boats cut a tennis ball and fold it over the wire to reduce hum.
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