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  1. I would say No but contact FishHawk on transducer placement and the extension cable!
  2. Now that's a truck load of taco's!! Nice catch!
  3. What is the name and or brand of the spoon on the right? Orange pink & blue. THANKS!!
  4. I wouldn't buy that system anyway NO PARTS or replacement available! Even new they are JUNK!!!!!
  5. I'm not a pro but I would try the pressure washer to see what it would remove. Be careful not to blow a hole in the hull. At some point you will have to sand the hull to improve the grip of the new paint, just my opinion.
  6. For sale is 6 sets of John Kings 10" flashers. All have hardware and are ready to fish, great for divers! Price is $75.00 shipped to USA! Pay pal f/f or you pay the 3%
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