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  1. For sale is a Tekota 300LC reel in very good condition! Drag backed off when not used, comes with new reel cover from Shimano. Price is $145.oo shipped to USA. For sale is Tekota 600 NO LINE COUNTER! Reel is in fair/good condition with some rash. Inside all is working as it should with new Dragmasters carbon fiber drag, backed off during rest. Price is $115.00 shipped to USA. Power handle for Tekota 300/600. $20.00 shipped to USA.
  2. What happened to all of the MILLIONS & MILLION'S of dollars that was donated to Flint??? I'm sure the former mayor Weaver lined her pockets!!!!!
  3. Watch some youtube videos about inline planer boards and or get tattle flags for your boards you have. Check your lines more often if you keep fishing the way you have been.
  4. TOTALLY love the electric brakes, No more jerk to stop and start and much better brake control. I do disconnect before backing into the water and activate brake from controller after loading to dry brakes.
  5. Nice to see those big bait eaters going home with you!! NICE FISH!!!!
  6. I have a black 4' solid Vector rigger boom with gold pulley. Price is $40.00 + shipping. Payment via P/P. F/F .
  7. I have 18 stock tekota handle grips + 20 end caps. Price is $40.00 + shipping, payment via pay pal F/F.
  8. For sale is a Tekota 600lc reels. 600lc reel has new dragmasters drag and backed off when not used, some rash but does not affect use. 600lc reel now $150.00 + $10.00 to ship to lower 48 payment via p/p f/f.
  9. F / S old style Tekota 300lc with new reel cover. Reel has new Drag-master drag and is backed off during storage, reel in good condition. Price for 300lc and reel cover is $150.00 shipping not included! Payment via pay pal F/F. P.M. or post a reply.
  10. Here are 2 charter captains from Racine,WI 1 hr. north of Chicago. Both are TOP NOTCH and catch fish!! Proposition Fishing Charters Website: www.propositionsportfishing.com Email: [email protected] Phone: 920-737-3350 Stormtrooper Email: [email protected] Phone: 630-497-0229
  11. AFPD133, Are you still looking for rod holders? I have 4 Traxstech RH1 track mount rod holders silver tubes? P.M. if interested. THANKS
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