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  1. From what I've found from years of pier fishing - get there early to get the spot you want. If it gets busy, and fish aren't being caught - people leave! Fish seem to be hit or miss these years. By the time reports are posted fish have moved on.
  2. Marine forecast is calling for more than I want to fish in. I'll stick to bluegill this weekend. Hoping for a weekend soon that will cooperate.
  3. Try going out to 220 and fishing into deeper water. Not sure how many lines you're running, but keep several lines in top 30 feet of water. A couple 50-70 and a couple 90-120 down. I mainly use smaller stinger or super slim spoons and troll 3 mph. Can be good, and can also seem like the lake is empty.
  4. I've used the Daiwa Accudepth 47LC reels for kings. They work ok. The 27LC size should be plenty for walleye fishing. The will drop the price below $100/reel. These reels would only work for trolling and would be difficult to cast.
  5. Increase seems reasonable. I they should run with these new numbers for at least 5 years before making changes. Hard to pull numbers out of the lake once they're swimming. From what I understand, the recreational and charter fleets don't pull enough fish out to really make a difference.
  6. Channel had good marks in it, but Dad wanted to try out on the big water. We fished 65-95 fow. Nothing on the graph. Took a 10 lb king on a flasher fly just above the bottom. That was it. Giving the channel a few laps now.
  7. Cool! Thanks for the report. Channel looked pretty empty. We'll see how long it stays that way! I'm planning a trip this afternoon and not sure where to look. Thinking out deep or sticking to the channel.
  8. Saw a small boat out there coming north while we were heading south. Maybe that was you. Glad to hear she was ok. I stepped from the dock to the trailer a few years ago and slipped off and slammed my leg into the trailer frame. Thought my leg was broken for a second. Got lucky and just lost some skin and had a big bruise. Also, I almost died slipping on algae in the cleaning station! Caught myself in edge of the counter.
  9. Estimated one at about 20. The other was same length but much bigger somehow. Based on other big fish that I've weighed I would guess 27-28 lb range.
  10. It's like a normal size diver with the big ring. So maybe 40-50 ft?
  11. Coho shook the hook. 85 fow. Slide diver and plug again back 125.
  12. Last fish was a big king. Another Big king in 90 fow. 100 copper with a firetiger thunderstick.
  13. First hit just south of the sliders. White plug on a slide diver back 125. In 80 fow. Marking a few fish here and there.
  14. Wondering if you were north of south? Going out in a few hours.
  15. Nice coho! I need to figure the port out a bit. I know some days the fish are heavy out in front of port but this time they appeared to have been more towards the points. I stopped in the channel to look around on my way back in. The lake has some very large schools of salmon wandering around.
  16. Nothing out to 380 fow. Saw some nice catches at the launch. South was good. North was good.
  17. One small king on a rigger down 53 in 110 fow. Moonshine green jeans. Very few marks. In 150 fow now.
  18. Not seeing any views on the Open Seats forum so I thought I would try here: Probably a long shot, but I'll be in Ludington and plan to fish Wednesday morning. Will launch from the Ludington boat ramp at 998 W. Loomis Street at 5:00 am. I need to pull lines around 10 am. Fishing solo currently so I have room on the boat. I would like to run more than 3 lines, and could accommodate 2 more people. Boat is a 19 foot Lowe side console with a 120 hp outboard and a 9.9 kicker. I have all necessary fishing equipment. Not planning to clean fish in Ludington, so if we get fish you can get them whole and deal with them as you see fit. Send me a message if interested. -JD *disclaimer: I am not a charter, and am fishing for fun! If the wind forecast is wrong and the waves kick up I will not fish the big lake. Might jig the harbor for a few hours if that's the case since I'll already be up there.
  19. Regarding Note #3: If the fishing reel you have states for example 300 M / 0.45 mm, you can use that info - but convert it to Yards and inches. So 300m x 1.09 = 336 yards. 0.45 mm / 25.4 = 0.0177 inches. Regarding using other line types. It isn't specific to line type. The red text boxes that say Backing/Core/Leader can be changed to say whatever you want. Just as long as you type in a diameter and a length in the respective boxes, it should work.
  20. We started in 90 fow straight out of port. Trolled SSW into 150. Then bounced around between the different 160 to 120 and back. North troll was more productive. Most of our fish hit near some decent schools of bait. Once we trolled off the bait (marks disappeared) the hits stopped. I was worried about the north wind kicking up so we trolled north and left the fish and didn't get any more hits. Should have stayed in the productive water. Two of us on the boat this time so was nice to set 6 lines
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