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  1. It's slim pickings out there now for some reason. Maybe July will come early? Alewife hit the harbors sooner than normal.
  2. Took the morning off work and went out to find some more fish. Launched a bit before 6 and set lines by 6:30 in 70 fow about 4 miles north of port. Water was 45 at the surface - colder than the 50 degree water that was around. Hit 2 fish by 8:30 am in the cold water. Found warmer water in 100 fow on a WSW troll. Generally fished in the 100-160 fow the rest of the morning. Ended up with I think 12 kings in the box from about 5 lbs to 17 lbs. Most 10-15 lbs. Spoons - blues and greens were hot. Speed bounced around 2.0-3.0. East wind had a pretty rough chop. Rods that went: Downrigger 35 early Downrigger 55 later Downrigger 65 300 Copper 250 Copper 200 Copper 150 Copper Diver back 175 (only flasher fly 1 hit) Diver back 135 hot with stingray uv blue dolphin Slide Diver back 155
  3. Black Pearl Sportfishing Reel Talk Sportfishing Powderhorn Sportfishing Deep V Sportfishing Check them out on Facebook to Google them.
  4. Heard it was a poor fishing inside of 100 fow. For morning if you haven't had any bites in the first 1.5 hours, move. Know several boats from from Muskegon to Saugatuck that found several nice fish out in the 100-150 fow. Biggest numbers if fish do appear to be up north though.
  5. Ran to little point and set line at 5:30. Trolled north (NW to NE) in 90-160 fow. Went 6/10 all kings. Pulled lines at 8:40 to beat the storms rolling across the lake. Speed 2.0-3.0 variable. Fish got shallower as it got darker out. Mag Diver - 210 back - pro-king chrome 8" paddle - king Downrigger - 109 down - pro-king chrome 8" paddle - king Downrigger - 53 ft down - green stingray mag - miss 300 copper - blue dolphin stingray - king Mag Diver - 93 back - pro-king chrome 8" paddle - miss 250 copper - green flounder RV mag moonshine - king Downrigger - 69 down - pro-king chrome 8" paddle - king Standard diver - 93 back - pro-king chrome 8" paddle - miss 300 copper - blue dolphin stingray - king Mag Diver - 93 back - pro-king chrome 8" paddle - miss
  6. Last minute check. I potentially have 1 or 2 seats on my boat tomorrow (Thursday). Thinking South Haven, Holland, or Port Sheldon. I'm flexible. Time-wise. Could launch anytime between 10 am and 1 pm. I'm free to fish until 7 pm, but don't need to stay out that long. Boat is a 19 foot Lowe side console with a 120 hp outboard and a 9.9 kicker. I have all rods/lures we need. Bring a cooler and make sure you have your fishing license. I'm not a charter - just looking from some cool people to catch some fish with, or help me wash lures. Send me a message on the forum, reply to this post if interested.
  7. Often seen boats in the Grand Haven channel start hooking up after a freighter departs in the morning. And have caught fish from the pier casting to the dredge.
  8. Fished from 8 until 12:30. Tried inside of 50 for 2 hours with only 1 coho to show for it. So we bumped out to 160. Fished in 160-180 and went 6/8 out there and 7/9 overall. Orange dodgers on divers back 30-35 feet took most fish.
  9. It seems only a few posters put reports up anymore. Most have bigger boats, so won't start posting until later in the season. Also the Indiana section hasn't seen a report since 2019. Michigan section is a little more active.
  10. I think you're right about that. Can't find an article to confirm it though!
  11. From what I can tell, Grand Haven had a decent run based on the 2021 plants. Saugatuck was good when the fish were in this year - but next year should be better. Hopefully will even have a few run the Holland channel next year too. -JDH
  12. Just replied to your other thread. Wound up 2-3. Got a 6 year old his "most biggest fish ever!". All hits on plugs.
  13. Thanks again for the report. We ended up 2-3 all on plugs. We were finding a lot of seaweed on our lines. Had to clear hooks each pass.
  14. Went 5/8 this am off the sliders. 85-100 fow. White plugs took 4 hits. Mix of copper, divers and riggers took hits. Pulled lines at 8:30. SSW troll 2.2-2.5 mph at the ball.
  15. Love having the two boats! I bought a 14 footer this year for small lakes. Has a 9.9 Honda and a bow mount iPilot... and oars!
  16. Maybe bump up to 25 lb leader. I run 40lb braid and 30 lb leader.
  17. Fished with dad from 6 am to 9:30. Started it out right with a 20lb-ish king while setting lines. Then trolled out from 100 fow into 150 fow no marks very little bait. Cold water down 95 feet. S/SW trolls. 200 copper fires with a white plug - gets away (maybe a 10 lb fish?). Turn in on an east troll and work toward 95 fow. Found a bubble of cold water in there so proceeded to troll north. Cold water down 75-80 feet. Hit a bigger king on the 400 copper and called it a morning. King - 110 fow mag diver back 85 feet with a pro king 8 inch flasher chrome and dolphin tape with a green fly. 2.2 mph/SSW. King/coho? - 135 fow on 200 copper with white plug King - 95 fow on 400 copper with moonshine halfmoon blue shorts.
  18. Slow for us too (2 in the boat). Went 2-3. What lb test are you running at the divers?
  19. The bigger king and plug that it came on. Fish looks smaller in this picture that it was!
  20. Fished from 7:30 to 10:30 pm, starting about 3 miles south of Port Sheldon. Went south -close to Holland then turned around and came back. Stuck to 125-150 fow. 1.7 - 2 mph trolling speed at the ball down 75 feet. Never sped up because we were getting bites and fighting fish. Started with an upper teens king on a meat rig, then a lake trout on a 400 copper, then a 20's king on a plug, then a 10lb coho on the other 400 copper. Finally lost another sliver fish on a meat rig. Felt like a 10'lb ish fish - coho or king? First bite was about 8:15, last bite was about 9:30. Lots of activity on the graph approaching dark - but for some reason I haven't been able to get fish to bite after dark. Good bait balls around. Cooler water was down about 75-80 feet. Remember - fish are biting out of temp this year too! 1 King - Mag Diver on 1 back 151 feet - 8-inch Green Jeans paddle w/ UV meat rig 1 Lake Trout - 400 copper - Mag Moonshine Dancing Anchovy 1 King - 200 copper - White wooden carved plug (Best Lure Co.) 1 Coho - 400 copper - Moonshine Halfmoon Blue Shorts 0-1 Silver Fish - Mag Diver on 1 back 151 feet - 8-inch Green Jeans paddle w/ UV meat rig Good night on the water!
  21. Fished from Holland to Saugatuck in 120-135 fow. Southish trolls. 2.2-2.4 speed at the ball. 8/10 with 3 nice kings, 2 nice lake trout, 1 coho, and 2 smaller lakers we let go. 5 hits on a green jeans 8" paddle running uv meat head. Mag diver back 150-175 feet (all three kings hit this) 1 hit on greenish spin doctor and fly mag diver back 135 feet. 1 hit on 300 copper with mag flounder pounder. 2 hits on 400 copper with a blue ladder back Lake Shark Lures spoon. 1 hit on rigger down 80 with mag blue dolphin.
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