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  1. you may not get accurate results this way. many times, I have fished with the same setup on each side and would catch 2 to 1 on one side and the other side would seem almost dead. plus, wire has a much different dive curve than braid which would be a problem getting both of them set at the same depth. but you can run the wire on one side and if it's producing more fish, it could be the depth might be different than the braid so it might be a good idea to adjust the leads on the braid to see if it helps. but with the same lure and leader length with the same color diver it may make a difference. so, try it on different days to see if it outperforms the braid.
  2. it really doesn't matter where it comes from because they send these reel out to suppliers, so they all get the same product. i used the old sealine sg17lca for yrs. but they were too old for tuna tom to repair them. i also am using the sealine sg17lc3b reels which are working great. but I had heard so much about the cold waters that when I replaced the old lca reels I got the cold water 203. if you do any salmon fishing, I would recommend a larger reel. I have people with small hands so i use small reels for walleye fishing. the Daiwa sglc3 reels are good reels that catches a lot of eyes. I have only used the cold water reels one time. they are so much smoother than the Daiwa reels and I believe they have a much smoother drag on them. only time will tell how long they will last. either one of these reels will do the job but when I replace the daiwa sglc3b reels it will be with the cold waters if the ones I have are still good. this late in the season I would watch for sales. when I bought mine I kept going to eBay and Amazon checking prices and got mine for 96.00 each on eBay.
  3. that's just wrong! that would be like saying every walleye fisherman on Lake Erie was trout fishing.
  4. it doesn't look like he wants to sell it very bad. he hasn't replied to your post or mine. i even sent him a pm with no reply.
  5. what a great video. much better than ice fishing, LOL. if I lived a little closer, I would try getting a little more info on where to fish for them. but I live way down in Indiana and I don't have anyone that would make the trip with me. I'm 70 and all my old fishing buddies are dead, and a couple of younger ones have moved away. and that would just be too much to make the trip up there. but thank you for getting my blood going this morning.
  6. if you do decide to add holders for your divers, cannon ratcheting holders work great for them. they set down with one hand then to raise them just grab the rod and lift and the holder ratchets all the way to the upright position making it ever so easy to remove the rod from the holder. when a fish is on or your just checking or changing a lure there's no more leaning out over the side of the boat and straining to remove the rod from the holder. the cannon has 6 positions where the traxsteck has 17. i liked the idea of 17 position and was going to switch. but i liked the one hand operation of the cannon so much better than than having to use both hands to lower the holder i went back to the cannon. the cannon holders are 72.00 for the single axis and 83.00 at walleyetacklestore.com.
  7. has your unit sold? my wife said i could buy it for a Christmas present from her.
  8. i cant believe you never got any help. but with hydraulic steering you have plenty of options. i just dont know what they are. but if you haven't bought yet you might want to post autopilot help in other forums. i might get banned for posting them but if you want pm me and i'll give you a couple of suggestions by pm.
  9. you may just have a bad sending unit in you tank that shows 1/2 tank but may be empty. mine quit working and I replaced it. but I didn't know what I was doing. when we would fill the tank to the max it only showed 3/4 of a tank of fuel. I have no idea where it would run out because we always filled it after each trip. it never got below 1/4 tank. take the sending unit out and check for gas in the tank, my bet is it will be empty. have the sending unit replaced by someone who knows what they are doing or give it a shot following the instructions. i had a friend that had a chevy van that would travel 300 miles on 1/2 tank. but once it got to the 1/2 tank you better get gas.
  10. I have cheap fish finders for sale, please mark them sold. i looked for the report post but never found it.
  11. IF BIG FISH23 don't buy it for 100.00 plus shipping i'll buy it for that price. just send me a pm. do you take pay pal if i add 5.00 to cover fees? you can ship it priority mail through the post office for less than 15.00. yes, i want it.
  12. one of the hds units turned out to be an eagle fish elite 5" fish finder/gps. the one hds had sold. will take 250.00 plus 10.00 on shipping on the helix 1st generation unit. the hds sold the eagle will go back on sale in the spring. please close.
  13. cant help you but it looks more like a big board release. but anyway good luck getting more on this release.
  14. I have a helix 7 with di and gps with everything needed. head unit is still like new, only been used a few times. the transducer has been mounted on the boat for a few months. selling because i upgraded to a Lowrance hds 8 with structure scan. 300.00 shipped to your door or pick up in Muncie in 47302. I have 2 Lowrance hds 5 units with a trolling motor transducer and a through hull transducer. these are working units i just upgraded them with larger hds units. comes with mounts and power cords with transducers listed above. the only time i seen these units work was when i went for a ride before buying the boat that had these on it. he had one unit for gps and the other for fish. will sell them both foe 250.00 I will separate for 150.00 each. the hds units has led the way for Lowrance for yrs. will sell the whole bundle for 450.00 shipped to your door. SOLD PLEASE CLOSE.
  15. hey to all you sportsman out there on this site. I'm 70 years old and been fishing the great lakes since 1976. fished lake Michigan for the first few yrs. the started fishing lake Erie's western basin in the early 80's and was addicted so i gave up on lake MI but fished Manistee Lake for a few more yrs. caught my first walleye fishing our local lake while ice fishing for crappie. it was my best walleye until i started fishing lake Erie's central basin. it was 9 1/2# and 29 1/2" long. again i was addicted to walleye from that point on. i did some fishing before i joined the marine corps in 72 but became a fishing addict after i got out in 76. i fished from WI and MI for salmon to the FL keys, I fished everything in between. if it moved I fished for it. i fished WI MI IN OH KY TN and FL. but now i do very little fishing. I fish Erie for 1 week in July, and do some bass fishing with my 14 yr old GD and my nephew in TN in ponds. I have planed to take my GD out on my small 17' boat fishing for crappie for the last couple of yrs but just haven't done it. i started hunting rabbit and squirrel and birds growing up in TN. but i had never deer hunted. i hadn't been doing much hunting living in the city. in 1981 i had some friends that put in for a drawing at a wildlife area to deer hunt. when i heard about it i went and put in for the same area they put in for. we all got drawn. in the morning of the 2nd day of hunting i got my 1st deer ever, it was a nice 10 pt buck. again i was addicted to deer hunting. i started hunting with shotgun the bow and later with a kit model muzzleloader. but n ow i only hunt nthe muzzleloader season.
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