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In out sucks for fishing.  Leaving your gear out all night and having them put it away the next morning.  Or conversely leaving it out all night and picking it up the next morning.  If it's there when you show up at 5am with your crew.  Yep, drive 40  minutes to wait until 8am to be told "we did not have room to drop it last night".  Mine came with a year of in out paid in full; I used that time to rebuild the trailer and was done with that by July.

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Here is where I am guys on this swap meet.

I am going to sit down with our church tomorrow and see what they have

Open and see if I can set a date  and get this moving.

Thinking somewhere around the first weekend in March.



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OK everyone  sorry this took so long



2ND Annual Free Sportsman Swap Meet 3/5/2016
When: Saturday March 5, 2016 from 9 am to 1 pm.

Where: Chapel: Calvary CRC  400 Beeline Road Holland Michigan 49424

Saturday March 5, 2015 is the date for this years swap meet so mark your calendars.

We are having a swap meet for anyone that would like to sell, swap, and buy excess sporting gear on Saturday March 5, 2016 from 9 am to 1 pm. We are thinking that the theme be related to items for fishing and hunting, but also are considering that it be open to all sporting goods in general. No flea market junk, just good used gear that one no longer needs or use. No guns or ammo will be allowed on the premises.

Sellers contact me prior to the event to reserve a table. Donation will be $10 per table. Sellers are welcome to share or split tables. If there are left over tables we will offer them up for donation only basis for those who would like to sell, and cannot reserve, afford, or do not need a full table.


Contact me at [email protected] for table availability and registration.

Seller set up will happen between 7:00 and 9 am.

Buyers can stop by free from 9-1 pm. This will be a free event for buyers, donations gladly accepted. Bring cash and change if possible to make it easier on the sellers who will have limited abilities to make change throughout the day.

Early birds can get in before 9am only with a $ 5 donation, after 9am admittance is free.

The Youth Ministry will be on hand to sell coffee,baked goods, and lunch. Please support them with their fund raiser.

Location has been set at. Calvary CRC  400 Beeline Road Holland Michigan 49424.
 We will have plenty of tables, chairs, and room to spread out in this facility. Please DO NOT call the facility directly since this is a private event, contact myself with any questions or issues.

Bring the family out for a day of fun, bargains, lunch, and good friends.

Hope to see you there!


Please remember to email me so that i know how many table I need to set up .




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Update For the march 5 swap meet.

A quick up date .


 I have spoke to a few fisherman and also a few hunters and I believe as of right now we will have a speaker for a fishing and one for hunting predictor.

I will confirm tonight and post times also tonight. And times they will speak

Here is the list of table to names please check it over and let me know if there are any mistakes or someone is missing.

1     Greg Runnels

3     James tumey

3     Greg Wilkerson

4     Fred Keim     WAll

1     Tim Stein

1    Robert (sfw1960)

1    Ron    (kara_B_N)

3    Bruce  ([email protected])

1    Juan David Hoksbergen

1    Frank   (Priority1)  wall outlet

1    Mike jansen

1    Kurt Schlanderer

1    Bob Knaack

1    Steve Hofman



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Small update we are having two short 30 minute seminars one being headed up by Ron Borgman talking about fishing on the great lakes. Our second one will be held by Josh Mapes of Overdrive Outdoors.Talking about small game hunts.

1st will be held at 10:30

2nd one held at 11:15

Lets show up and show our support.

Also I have been ask at what time the early bird doors will open 

That will be at 8AM there is a $5 charge for this.

We still have a few open tables so please pass the word.




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To add to the   table list.

3           Kevin Essenburge

1           Sam Emmos

1           Jeffrey D

1           Dave Mull

2           Keith Slater

1           Kevin Cawlery

1           Phil Retherford



And  we still have a few open tables left






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Swap meet 

There  is my last update as it stands if everyone shows up we have 45 tables spoken for. Great job thanks everyone. We have 5 tables left if any one still needs one.

You may start setting up at 6am if you need help please ask.

Early bird doors will up at 8am with a $5 donation.

Free after 9am.

Guest speaker Ron Borgman will speak at 10:30

And guest speaker Josh Mapes will start at 11:15.

Come out and join us and see old friends and meet new one's

And fine that tackle you are missing.




Big lake lures LLC

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Thanks to you and your capable crew for putting this event on. Things were well organized as I knew they would be. Meeting up with old friends and making some new ones is the best reason to attend. The weather slowed us down on the trip over but it was well worth the effort. We had smooth sailing going home. 


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Thanks to everyone that showed up yesterday. We had a great turnout and things went smoothly with all the help from the youth,  my family and friends. 

All the money raised is going to cover some of the cost of our youth going to Honduras to help those less fortunate. And we thank you all for that.

We hope to continue to do this for years to come, we are looking to push the date back into February to stay away from the other things that are going on at the same time. Also we are looking for input on things we can do better, to bring in more people and to keep people there longer.

Please email me with your ideas and I will start putting them in a file for next year.

Thanks again


Big lake lures llc

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