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  1. Here's the official thread:
  2. I'm definitely in! Great job last year!
  3. Poured! Had rain gear but still got soaked. We were debating about calling it before we started catching. Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. 5 man limit of lake trout this morning and two bonus kings and a throwback laker. South of PS north of Holland 115 FOW. Lost 4 others as well, one of which was for sure a salmon. One king on a diver back 150 blue bubble and/fly Lost king on a UV frog sd/proctologist fly One trout on a 300 Cu nbk sd/ proctologist Two trout on a purple green spin n glo bouncing bottom Literally everything else came on the same two riggers bouncing bottom with gold dodgers and white/ purple polka dot spin n glos including one of the kings! Such an awesome day spent with great people. Seriously wishing we were in the tournament! Especially for the fact that we only ran nine rods and every fish hit after 6:30... of course! Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. Very strange with all the sheep. Fished holland that night as well 1/2 diver popped once and fish got off lemon ice meat back 105. Then took a 5 lb King on an ace hi plug 50 down on a rigger right at dark. 70-80 fow. Graph LIT UP... Thinking they were all sheephead now!
  6. Yeah it's been weird. Been camping out here all week. Went out once Sunday night, tried writing a report but for some reason it didn't go through.. Either way not much to write home about. Loafing around on the boat right outside the north pier right now and listening to radio chatter. One guy says has 7 in the box today but didn't have a single bite yesterday so maybe it's picking back up. Will be going out tonight, hopefully will get a report out. ... In other news the perch are biting... But ONLY if you know where to go!
  7. Late report, been camping at the beach. Went 2/5 with a laker and a Coho 90-110 FOW. Laker didn't take long and hit a dipsy right away on the lemon ice meat rig back 105. Re setting the dipsy and I tangle it in the 300 Cu while swinging it over the side of the boat... What a great time for a fish to hit the 300 and snap the line. So that's exactly what happened and we spun around to pickup the board which thankfully is still holding our copper and brand new mtn dew flasher and meat rig...and the fish! Start hand lining in the copper and then realize how stupid we are when we realize we can just tie the end of the copper onto the mono so that's what we do but the fish pulls while the copper is wrapped around the top and the rod tip breaks... start feeling it in anyway and the fish gets off with about 20 feet of copper to go. Wowwww. Check all our lines to make sure none are tangled after we made that 360 degree turn to pickup our board. Miraculously no but the 200 Cu blue bubble fly/SD is dragging a nice Coho. Towards dark we lost a nice king at the back of the boat on a blue chrome ace hi 80 down on a rigger and also had a rip on a 125 Cu orange slurpee. .... Oh yeah and the perch are biting... if you know where to go [emoji6] Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. Nice job Ed! We'll be camping at the state park starting Friday, so expect lots of reports... especially if the perch fishing sucks! I'll make sure to say hey if we see you at the launch! Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. Only works for us in the morning. Yellow sub has been a steelhead killing machine on the 200. Unfortunately we lost ours last trip and I don't think moonshine makes em anymore. Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  10. Nice job making the most of it. We figured out by the south end of pigeon almost right up to the docks there are almost no weeds. Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. That is one big greaser! Awesome!
  12. Is this what you mean by snap swivel?
  13. Thanks! Just fixed it, looks pretty sturdy. MI have another question that is completely unrelated but don't feel like opening a new thread. I bought an ace hi plug at the swap meet in holland this winter and have yet to run it. From whatnove researched you can run ace hi's the same speed as spoons and flashers? I've also heard of guys just tying them to their lines rather than using swivels? Complete rookie to any kind of plug.
  14. So I wrote in my last report that my 200 Cu snapped when taken by a big fish. About 125 feet left on it and by happy coincidence I have 75 feet of the same stuff lying around. I'd love to get my 200 back so is there any way i can "tie" the two together without having to worry about it coming apart? Advice is much appreciated.
  15. Magnum flounder pounder 300 Cu magnum yellow submarine 200 Cu always seem to produce when fishing mornings.