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  1. https://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/fishing-hunting-outdoors/profile/8490-petechrisjnr/ Doubt you'll hear anything ....
  2. PiranhaMAX 197c DI (Open pkg). NEEDS XNT 9 DI T Transducer to work. Head unit, Filtered Power cord, Base and mount knobs, owners manual included. NO TRANSDUCER https://humminbird.johnsonoutdoors.com/fish-finders/discontinued/piranhamax-197c-di 3.5" Color Display - 240H x 320V Frequency Coverage - 200/455/455 kHz / 28°, 16°, & 74° @ -10dB Max 2D 600' / Max 320' Down Imaging ~ 2400 watts power output. I was going to use as a mini ice machine, but just too small for my eyes. Asking $60 TYD OBO - few bucks less FTF in N. end of Grand Rapids, or Newaygo/Fremont,MI. area. PM me here, or email me at [email protected]_Gmail_DOT_COM with any offers or any other questions. Thanks! Robert
  3. I'm sure a posted price would be helpful.
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    Navionics and fishing.

    http://bbgmarine.com/humminbird-helix-7-gps-chatplotter-only-7-4098601m-p-20968.html Try the apple in the rain & see how that works out, NVM you can't see it in the sun...
  5. The 9 thru 12's are pretty slick. I have a walk thru & had 2 up front and one on each console. I just sold my 899 to put a 12 in it's place. The C/S @ HB is super if you have any problems....
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    Need advice - New Fishfinder/GPS

    MMMmmmm SPAM....
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    Swap Meet

    Thank you Sir.... Let the swappin' get ta' hoppin'~
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    Swap Meet

    Frank, If you can make this a sticky it may prove to be helpful! Looking forward to it again! RAS
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    Swap Meet

    ... .. . . .
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    Swap Meet

    Looks like the ball is rolling now.....
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    Swap Meet

    Yep, I know the table cost, I've worked several swaps over the years and have been buds with Tim (a.k.a. CaP'N KoldFront) for some time now. RAS
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    Swap Meet

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    Muskegon lake

    So is Balcom's ...
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    Trailer bearing seals

    Agree e-Trailer.com rules!!!
  15. Selling my 7" 859ci HD GPS/Sonar (new in FEB - over a year of warranty left) I got a bigger SI unit so this one needs a new home. Has 83hrs on her. 480V X 800 wide screen 16 bit color LED back lit LCD. 4000 watts PTP. http://www.humminbird.com/Products/859ci-HD-Combo/ I can be PM'd - emailed at my [email protected]_gmail.com or TXT me @ t00 thr&& One-siX29-7Nine7Fower. I work in GR area, live just S. of White Cloud. I have no paypal, prefer FTF - will accept cash, MO or can take check (allow 2 weeks to clear) Thanks! Robert
  16. $ o l d. .. .. .. .. s o l d. .. .. .. .. s o l d. .. .. .. ..
  17. Yes it comes with screen cover, gimbal mount & knobs, PC10 power cord, cable collector, and YOUR CHOICE of either a transom or trolling motor mount 200/83 KHz transducer - no map card(s) and is NOT a DI model. Internal GPS.
  18. Sorry Tony, I know how it goes... I used a credit card on my last one!
  19. So do you have the money around yet?? The ATM is right down the street!!
  20. Like title says I have a pair (2) of old K-Line Manual Down riggers with 36" booms - $75 OBO, I am located near White Cloud , MI and work near Grand Rapids, MI. No weights, just riggers and cable they came with. It would be cost prohibitive to ship due to size... I do not have a pay pal account and would prefer cash, money order over a check and if a check is used I would hold for 2 weeks to clear. A FTF transaction would be best and can meet in Newaygo/White Cloud or Grand Rapids area of Michigan. Can be reached by PM or emailed at my username _AT_ gmail_Dot_com also. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer. Robert
  21. READ this post one more time Sir....