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  1. Was this today? Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Didn't get out until 9AM but ended up with a nice king at 19 pounds, 30 FOW just south of the pier. Downrigger on Fintstone ugly coyote. Nice see the king in the area this time of year. I know another guy who also caught a 20 pound king this morning in about the same water. Fishon...
  3. The biggest reason for bad tasting salmon isn't the grey fat line, its you left blood in the meat. If there is still blood in the meat and you freeze it, then you have a problem. I rinse, rinse and rinse the salmon. I then usually place in gallon bags with water in the frig over night and then rinse again the next day. You would be surprised on how much more blood comes out. I then freeze in quart size bags without skin, but with gray fat line and add about 1/4 cup on Italian dressing. After cooking I just scrape off the gray fat line and it taste great. The secret to grilling salmon is to cook it as hot as possible on the grill or deep fryer. I place on foil with grill very hot, close the lid and let it cook until done. I don't flip it at all.
  4. It was in a pole barn, they broke the door open.
  5. Stolen Fishing Equipment Just talked with a friend that had all of is fishing equipment stolen off his boat up by Whitehall. They took everything, Fishhawk probe, Cannon Downriggers, weights, Shimano reels, tons of spoons, meat rigs, $1000's of dollars worth of stuff. If you hear of anyone selling this kind of stuff that seems suspicious, please give my friend a call at 847-209-6054. Thanks, Steve
  6. Stolen Fishing Equipment Just talked with a friend that had all of is fishing equipment stolen off his boat up by Whitehall. They took everything, Fishhawk probe, Cannon Downriggers, weights, Shimano reels, tons of spoons, meat rigs, $1000's of dollars worth of stuff. If you hear of anyone selling this kind of stuff that seems suspicious, please give my friend a call at 847-209-6054. Thanks, Steve
  7. Buying 2 fishing licenses to get more poles in water. I know this isn't possible yet, but why not let individuals buy 2 separate fishing licenses so they could run 6 rods instead of just 3 on Lake Michigan. I often fish by myself and would like to run more than 3 rods and I would be willing to pay for another fishing license. Any thoughts on this topic? I would say you would have to limit using that additional license only when everyone on the boat has their own license. I would also still limit the number of fish to just one license limit. It would be just to get more rods in the water.
  8. Cottage on White Lake, Montague, Michigan Awesome affordable cottage and great fishing location. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/6710-Clark-St-Montague-MI-49437/24265383_zpid/?view=public
  9. westwind

    Salmon Jerky

    they are lonbdf than finger length, it with width that I was trying to get close to finger width. Long strips are great.
  10. westwind

    Salmon Jerky

    made over Christmas, thought I would share a picture
  11. I think the key to freezing fish is to make sure all of the blood is out of the meat. I also skin the filet and let them set in really cold water for several hours, then I put them in gallon size bags with water and leave them in the frig over night and rinse again, then I freeze them in smaller size quart bags with the Italian dressing. I make sure I get all of the air out of the bag also to prevent freezer burn. When you thaw them out you are actually marinating the fish at the same time.
  12. I love salmon and eat it 4-5 times a week. I freeze my fish also and do a very good job of rinsing and rinsing and rinsing the blood out. I store in quart size bags with 1/4 cup Italian dressing. I cook most of my fish by just boiling up a quart size bag for 5-7 minutes, then I rinse, crumble it up and add mayo, onion and relish for an awesome salmon salad spread that i eat mostly without bread, but occasionally with put on bread with a slice of cheese. Sometimes I make a grilled cheese salmon salad sandwich. soo good... Very healthy way to eat salmon. It's in my lunch almost every day for work.
  13. First real trip of the year, ended up 2 for 2. (1 coho and 1 small king throw back). Beautiful morning on the water. Fished 150-225. Fish came in about 180 FOW on stinger pinky and stinger purple magic 5 color. I had a failed trip on last Friday. headed out of port and had to stop in 40 FOW to assist a boat that left port without any oil in his I/O (not good). Towed him back then headed back out again. I got to 100 FOW and put boat in neutral to have it stall. It started right back up again, so turned it off and went to start the kicker motor for trolling. Couldn't get the kicker motor to stay running, so went back the the big motor and it wouldn't start! Dang, after several attempts, I went back to the kicker and got it going and used it to troll back to the dock. The problem with the big motor ended up being needed to replace the fuel filter/ water separator. Once this thing gets to a certain point of having water in it, it shuts off the gas flow to the engine. I guess it should be changed every year or at least checked. I'm going to have a spare on from now on.
  14. pascdo, Our first 215 Sea ray was a 1995, same boat, but it was a dual duty boat. I could take the downriggers off and store them in the cuddy (cannon manuals) and then I also had triple rod holders on both sides and some off the back, I could take everything off in 5 minutes and often would and my way back in from fishing. I remember one trip coming into the pier head and a kid on another boat asked how we did and her Dad told her to be quite because we were not a fishing boat. Lots of family fun on that boat and hooked me on fishing. Could pull skiers, tubers, and handle the big lake with ease, also would sleep overnight with my wife.. Kids are out of the house now, so now it just a fishing boat and it is maxed out, 2 fish finders, fishhawk X4d, tR1 gold autopilot, awesome arch, cannon mag 10 hs, etc.. Divemaster the kicker motor was a challenge, but now its working great. Too much to explain here, we will talk some time. Steve Hofman
  15. I have a 1997 Sea Ray Express 215. It's the second one I have owned and love it. I didn't realize how good it was until I sold the first one and tried a SeaSwirl and also a Proline. Those were both decent boats, but didn't compare to the Sea Ray. Sea Ray makes an awesome heavy duty boat and you won't fall out of it either. I also have a 8 HP honda kicker with the TR1 - Gold system. I love the boat and will have it for a long time to come.
  16. Westwind is in if that's the date, let us know soon so we can commit.
  17. do you have a date for the swap meet? Tim usually did it on the Saturday before the super bowl? What date did you decide on?
  18. Fished almost only out of Whitehall, I fish solo a lot and usually don't get skunked, this year I got skunked 13 times out of 33 trips, last year I got skunked 3 out of 48 trips. Hmmmmm ya, I would say this was a very discouraging year to say the least. Last year 200 fish, this year 60. The main thing that saved me last year were steelhead. With all of the really cold water last year I probably caught well over 100 steelhead last year, this year, probably less than 10. Very similar results with other in Whitehall this year from what I heard on the radio. Not thinking 2016 is going to be any better..... Did manage a couple of nice fish this year and my best outing was just 9 for 12 with 3 guys fishing.
  19. Ended up only 1 for 2, both smaller steelies 3-4 pounds. First hit at 50 FOW on moonshine double trouble and the other on stinger pinky. Didn't hear of anyone hitting them hard, nobody around the piers.
  20. Anybody have any info on steelhead up at Whitehall lately? Thinking about going out Wednesday (10/7). Thoughts
  21. Went 5 for 8 this morning. Set lines at about 8:00 Am and headed west, didn't get my first hit until about 250 FOW. Laker on stinger pinky on 200 foot copper. Took a couple more at about 300 FOW and the rest at 370 FOW. Best depth was about 50-70 feet. Nice temp break out there at 370, went from 57 to 51 real quick and some good action there. Had 4 lakers, 2 coho and 1 steelie. Lost the steelie and threw back one laker. Dead flat on the water with lots of flies also. Nice day to go out deep. Michigan stinger pinky was my best spoon. Moonshine dancing anchovie RV, took a couple of hits and one flasher fly took a hit. 370 FOW out of whitehall = 10 miles out.
  22. Fished from 7-9:30 going 2 for 2. Just 2 little kings both in about 100 FOW. one down 50 on rigger on purple magic. Other came on 300 foot copper moonshine blue anchovie RV. Pretty slow again. Both kings were around 2 pounds. I guess it's better than a skunk! Not too excited about fishing this year..... With 80% reduction in king plants hitting this year, things are looking pretty sad. Pretty gloom and doom based on DNR reports also with the zebra and quagga mussel issues. Sorry for the sad news..
  23. fished today out of Whitehall and went 5/5 am and 4/4 PM . Tuff start AM not getting out until 10 because of the rain. Fished in close 40-50 FOW and marked a ton of bait there. Mostly small kings with biggest hitting only 8 pounds. Went out again after 6-9 and caught 4 more in same area. same size. It was good to see the bait and catch some fish. More to come Saturda....
  24. Got out this morning and went 2 for 3. Just 2 small kings in about 120 down on a rigger 50 feet on purple magic. Had another nice king on dipsy at about the same depth, took several nice runs and then bent the hook, goodbye. Felt good to have a nice king on. Need to loosen the drag sooner..... Hoping to get our more this weekend if the weather cooperates. Surface temp was 55 and it was about 51 down at 50 feet on the probe.
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