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holland 8-18 and 8-19

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Fished out of Holland Sat am and Sunday eve. Sat am we set lines in 200 fow and fished out to 250 fow it was a slow pick but we finished 6 for 9.

What worked :

orange fuzzy glow frog spoon on 300 copper

white slick 8 inch spinie with pickle sunshine flie on 300 copper

killer green glow on rigger down 80 feet

modified mixed veggies on rigger down 75

fat nancy spinnie with mirage flie on high diver back 150 set on 3

on Sunday eve we went to 135 fow set lines and trolled out to 185 fow ,we started around 5:30 and finished with 10 fish at 7:45 then hooked up to a double as we were trying to pull lines let one go and lost the last one . it was a blast!

what worked:

rigger down 153 with a big uv paddle

rigger down 160 with an 8 inch white slick with fish scale pattern paddle

wire diver back 275 with an 8 inch uv spinie with a mirage flie

wire diver back 265 with an 11 inch uv paddle with a frost flie

300 copper with an 8 inch uv paddle

300 copper with a white sl;ick 8 inch spinie with pickle sunshine flie

we had 3 doubles with just the two of us on board "thank God for auto pilot:thumb:"

here are a couple of pictures , even i had to fight fish lol how do ya do this again:p


2 fish at a time in the net!


the final count :thumb:


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