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Well again can't get started on time , got to end this trend!

Left the launch at about 9am trolling southeast towards the green can set the last pole and not five minutes later , a screamer on the diver , my favorite! Starboard dipsy set 2 out 75 ,Turned out to be a 17lb king . The next fish turned out to be the first Coho of the season , I don't normally send them back but it was only a mouth full. and it was full of vinegar. Then it was time for lake trout , the next one was only average but the one after which came on a 5 color pulling a pearl white storm minnow intimation. I asked Nick what was taking sooo long and he told me he couldn't gain any ground, hmmm check the drag and thats over tight already, must be a good sized fish. As it turns out it was a 16lb laker. picked up one more before puling lines. As I was pulling the last rigger, I snapped it out of the release and its another laker. How do these lakers just swim with the bait and not trip off the rigger boggles my mind. Got pretty bumpy on the way back in , not what was expected or predicted by the weather service.

Great day to be out .

Tight Lines





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Nice Jim, that laker is a pig, and cool about that coho. I heard of a few others caught too. If a guy ran some coho rigs and just kept heading east, I'll bet you would get a bunch of them. These early kings are a real bonus for us westsiders.

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Nice job on the fish, nice to hear the coho are making their way north, what did you have for water temps? That king looks good.

Water temps were right around 42' , this year I am running dipsys all year! just love the screaming when they hit, this one even jumped out of the water . Hoping for decent weather for next week again , but this time I am going to be out early!

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