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boat project over the winter!

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Worked on the boat tonight, Dave from Advantage Marine Repiar in Zeeland came out and cut the key hole out of my transom for me :thumb: it turned out great i had exccelent bonding between the two layers of wood! After we got the holes in there i bilge coated the raw wood,let it dry for a while then put the gimble back in the boat:D then I started to lay out where my batteries and trim pump where going to go. Dave also measured up for my new steering and is going to order that tommarow.at least shes going back together!!






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Jim, I just have to tell ya I have had to check on this every time I'm on the site to watch your progress.

You have done some very high quality work, awesome job!!

The finish line is just ahead don't let up HAHA!!

Good Fishing,


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worked on the boat for an hour or so tonight, was able to mount the batteries,trim pump,swim platform(saturday actually),the exhaust,and one trim tab then had to head home. My new steering will be in this week and i hope to put it in this weekend , then hang the wiring,and put the tramsducers on, then hopefully put the engine in on the 17th:thumb:


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well ive got lots done over the last week tying up lots of loose ends and small stuff.So here is where im at in this project. I have the exhaust ,tilt motor,blower, batteries, new steering,downrigger wires and bilge pump all installed. Last night i repaired the lower unit sceg,and a piece that had been broke off from the tree last summer. I got there tonight and nick installed the auto pilot for me, all i need to do is add a switch and finish running the wires for power. I havent been real good about taking pictures but here are few of the lower unit repairs i did the other night.I hope to drop the motor in this saturday am then put it in the water for a leak test and run next to the dock,then next week put the interior and fishin stuff back on .Then a test run and pilot setup (and if im in the water i may have to fish:grin:)







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Woohoo! worked most of the day on the boat ,put the motor in, the alignment sucked took almost 2 hrs to get it perfect but im very happy with it ! hooked up all the wires, hoses ect. change out the fuel line and valve,tried to start er up and no go, so after some head scratching and a few choice words i checked the new valve at the gas tank and it was defective ,put the old one in and less than two cranks it fired up and purred like a kitten!!!:thumb: Now tuesday i will go and run it next to the dock , check for leakes ,make sure she shifts well and then put the interior back in, then the fishin gear and with any luck at all i will go next weekend to set up the new auto pilot and wet a line!!!!! Its been a long project but man do i feel great to be at the end of and a HUGE thanks to Nick cornell for all his help and putting up with me all winter in his barn!




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Just could not resist today:p so we took the boat to the dock and gave her a test run!! Every thing ran well with NO LEAKS! Wow i cant believe how much more ridgid the boat feels,it pops out of the hole and goes on plain much quicker. The only issue i had is one of the trim lines to the trim cylinder on the lower is leakin so i will replace them tomarow. Got the interior 90 % installed this afternoon and will finish tomarow and then load her up with gear! Tuesday we hope to set up the auto pilot and maybe wet a line for a few minutes.What a great feeling to get back on the water.Thanks for everyones encouragement over the winter and hope you all enjoyed my post on this project, this will probly be the last post on this thread but i will eventually have a video slide show i will post on the whole project.;) jimmy




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