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boat project over the winter!

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Kyle , the stringers were wet but not rotted i did cut some of the worst out and will be putting them back in after the transom is in.

I worked on the transom today, I laminated the center board to the main board with glass,Made my first batch of "peanut butter filler" And added fillets to the center board,This was almost a failure as I did not have enough filler the first time and the resin ran out of the fiber and it drooped but i was able to remove it and thicken it before it kicked off, wew!! that was a close one! Then I sealed the whole transom board with resin. Next week i hope to be gluing it into the boat with 3m 5200, I decide to go this route for the more working time to put it together and I have been told that it will hold just as good as glass. here are some pics.

the transom boards pre sanded.


Laying the glass .


the center board is on and the fillets in place.




Sealing the whole board.


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Great progress. Looking very good. I'm laid off (GRRRR) next week and will probably start mine. Prolly just pull motor and remove wood from the transom, if all goes as I plan. I'll try and post some pics, although mine isn't anywhere near as involved as yours. But, I've gotta get it welded before the replacement.

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Thanks for posting this Jim, I think i'll be doing this to mine at the end of this season. When i bought this boat 2 yrs ago i had to replace the transom bellow and did some floor work, well i done alot more.. anyway i noticed that the transom was a lil soft so its going to be repaired. I actually enjoy doing stuff like this and i dont plan on buying a new boat i got alot of time invested in it already and love my hardtop.

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Worked on the boat this mourning, and had a visit from plum crazy,I glued the transom in last weekend with 4 tubes of 3M 5200 adhesive and today was able to glass the transom in. I started at 7:00 am and finished at 1:30

what a messy tedious job! But it is done here are some more pictures.

glued the transom in .


filled in the gaps



wetting out the glass


extra tabbing in the bottom


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went up to the boat for an hour or so today and dry fit the stringer and floor pieces ,hope to get back out there tuesday eve. to glass them in! then that will leave me with the shelves and one bulkhead to glass in then the glass work is done:thumb:



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Awesome job Jim, Great pics to go along with the great work you're doing. You might not want to do another one, but I'm sure there won't be anyway to beat the satisfaction you will feel when you get out on the water this year. Can't wait for pics of the finished project.

Good Fishing


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I worked on the boat last night ,just don't know when to quit i guess,,,, it was 12:22 am when i left the barn :eek: But I got the stringers ,the floor and the engine copartement structure done. Now i have 2 shelves and a bulk head to do in a couple of weeks.Also Nick has been busy refinishing the teak on the boat he finished the rails and put them on WOW! looks nice thanks Nick!:thumb: here some pics.




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Well I had a major case of the f!%# its this weekend so i did not get much done but managed to make the shelves,cut out the bad bulk head and make the new wood for that. Next week i will do one more glass layup and will be done with fiberglass:thumb:! I have a guy lined up to come and fill all the holes on the outside of the hull and re gelcoat it. while he does that i will do my glassing and pull my old steering system out cus I ordered my auto pilot this week Wohoo!:grin: Cant wait to get it done!Sorry for the poor pics they came out blury for some reason.




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Worked hard on the boat this weekend(April is coming fast!):D:eek: Was able to do my last glass layups and put in the shelves and bulk head:thumb:.I foamed in the floors and pluged those holes, Then i bilge coated everything.While I was doing that a friend came and filled all the holes on the outside of the transom,he filled them then glassed them floated them out and gel coated them ,we should have painted the whole transom but hey the fish will be the only ones to see the imperfections and thats the last thing they will see LOL! Here are some pics.







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