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Offshore pinch pads I beleave its the OR-1. I have replaced the leaders on them with 12" 50lb steel leader, this help you see shakers that are on your line that are to small to release the rod. The shaker will bounce the rod becuase there is enough play in the leader. I real change them out for fishing walleye but found out later that is works great for shaker also.

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I use home made pinch pads that my dad and grandfather made over the years. I probably have close to 100 of these darn things. When one goes, I just get another.

They might not be the best things I've seen, but they sure are inexpensive.


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I have always used rubber bands on my downriggers. I like the #19 size, you can get a bag of 500 for about $2.50 at Staples. Just remember to keep them out of the sun when not in use, or they will weaken on you. The thing I like about bands is that I can really crank down on my riggers to get a really good hook set when fishing for those deep Kings in July and August.

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Nice Site! I have been lurking in the shadows for a few months. I have been looking through all of the old posts, trying to learn as much as I can. This will be my first season salmon fishing.

I saw this post and was wondering how you attach the rubber band to the line.

Welcome to the site!

You can wrap it around the line once and put it through the loop. This has a tendancy to slide up the line, when you are drawing down the rod. If you wrap it around the line a few times before you put it through the loop, it will not slip. You can also wrap it around a few times and put both loops on the hook instead of putting it through the loop and attaching one loop.

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i have always used off shore releases but last year with all the good talk about blacks releases here on the east side of lake O i tried one out on the middle rigger. i always have this one the deepest and i can say i never missed a fish using it. they are adjustable for light hitting browns to heavy smacking kings. easy to set just twist your line around your finger a few times and set in the clip. ill be switching all my releases this year to them.

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In case you're keeping score:

At the ball: 1st choice - Black's; 2nd choice - Black's

As a stacker: 1st choice - Black's; 2nd choice - Black's

On a coated cable at the ball: 1st choice - Black's, 2nd choice - Black's

On planner board wire: (nope not black's) rubberized alligator clip on a gizmo bent like a paper clip. (I don't know know the name of it but you can buy a six-pk of them)

Hmmm... guess this guy is sold on Black's. Yup. (& with no affiliation) The secret is put them on you cable (get rid of the wire thingy); release the tension after your done fishing and don't store them in direct sunlight when you're not fishing. Bought 5 of them well over 10 years ago & one is still in the package in the bottom of my tackle box somewhere.

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