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  1. Page 26 shows the connection diagram for the data wire on the HDS 5 unit. Well at least the one I downloaded from lowrance.com does.
  2. The new one printed great for me. The old one comes up in 2 pages, and required to be changed to landscape format by the looks of it. Thanks
  3. No problems printing it this morning
  4. The have a forum section, similar to how GLF is set up for specific questions related to various models and the different carriers. They also have free ringtones, themes and various apps and accesories available. Its worth looking into at the very least.
  5. Try calling Okuma, Last I heard if it would fit in an envelope, they would ship it free. Okuma Fishing Tackle 2310 E. Locust Court, Ontario, California 91761 (909)-923-2828
  6. Its been pretty much debunked...the "DNR" officer in the picture I saw was not a michigan DNR officer. Please post the pics!!
  7. They are getting hard to find but the plastic Q-tip straws work great too...get 2 uses out of 1:grin:
  8. They do a very good job of holding the boat steady. Takes a lot of the side to side motion out, at least the quick jerky stuff.
  9. I have a pair of Dick's trolling bags and IMHO they way surpase the quality of the drift bags available at most stores like gander. I've used them on both my Islander and my 16 footer work great on both. Tie them off well forward and dont forget to tie of the trip cord and you'll almost forget they are there. As Frank said you may have to give it more power to maintain speed, but that also helps with manuverability. And No, I haven't noticed where they rub or scrape the side of the boats at all.
  10. I've used all different kinds but blacks or walkers are the best IMHO. My only thing with either is to check for nicks either in the face surface on the walkers or in the wire bend on the blacks.
  11. Several years ago I tied fire line on my rigger rods. Now first I have to say I did not use any mono backer, but don't think that was my problem... But I found that if my swivel locked up the fire line balled up and when I retieved my rigger teh fire line literally came apart in my fingers. blame it on the swivel..yea I'm sure part of it was that, but I stripped it off and went back to mono. Better line technology now and maybe better swivels, I may try it again to help with teh blowback and strech issues. just something to keep in mind.
  12. But have heard this is a nice place http://www.michcampgrounds.com/betsieriver/
  13. More smaller tubes increase surface area thereby increasing heat transfer.
  14. I occasionally run my ole '79 Islander around. Looks similar to Dirty Dogs I believe, got the ole stringer out drive, had it all rebuilt/overhauled..still plenty of tinkering. Added a custom radar arch/rod rack/spreader lights and Burts track and ratcheting rod holders....now if I could just find the time and weather to cooperate to get her out more often.
  15. Did she do the embroidered name or did you purchase those panels?
  16. Frank, We are in the midst or restructuring to better deal with todays economy, so we can keep our prices low, and as such we decided to miss the show this year...with a little luck and improved economy, we'll be back next year
  17. Matt, I'm running the Lake Master Pro chip in my H2O and the Navionics Gold in my mounted GPS, both are good, but I think the Lake Master Pro is a little more detailed, and I can swap between both units at will.
  18. Nick, Dead on with your thoughts as to PSI/CFM. Any compressor you can run an impact with will run a nail gun, though you will want a regulator on the outlet probably....I have a small Saylor Beal that my father bought YEARS ago, I think they are in your local area too. I used it for most everything until I put the big one in the garage, not mainly use it out on the farm .... I thnk its a 1/2 horse and dont remember the CFM, but it will run a impact, just needs time to make up more often, wont run a DA, or sand blaster or any other High air flow tools. I would recommend staying away from the oil free ones... good luck and spend the money once, get quality and you wont be sorry.
  19. I realized that after I submited... hence the edit of never mind, It does pay to read the whole thing I guess. I've heard quite a few peopple are running braid instead of wire, and liking it.
  20. Mike, I once used Fire Line on a rigger rod... Had a swivel lock up on me and the fire line balled up behing the rigger ball and when I reeled it in, I was able to literally crush the fire line to powder in the palm of my hand. I can't explain why, but needless to say I respooled that rod that day. Maybe the advances in braid technology and or the differences between Power Pro and Fire Line will make the difference, But I won't spool a rigger rod with braid again, plus I went with higher quality swivels. Never Mind... help to read the thread properly
  21. I been using wire for a couple years now... I got a deal oon a couple of roller rods and I put together a daiwa heartland with a twilli tip. To date, I've never seen any backer used on stainless, simply 1000' of 7 strand braided attached directly to the spool. First wrap is wound along with electrical tape to help it bite the arbor, otherwise it tends to slip. No leader either, just attach to a snap swivel and dipsey or thumper rig (Drop rig). Like it was said earlier, you can feel every twitch the fish makes. You can use single strand, but it's more suceptable to kinks and its stiffer, the 7 strand is amazingly flexible and doesn't kink that easily.
  22. Rich, When we sent our packages to the troops before Christmas, we could not ship anything that was listed as "PERISHABLE".... and we were trying to send salted peanuts. I guess if you want you could not list it on the Customs label. Good Luck, and God Speed to all our Troops.
  23. I can't speak to Big Jons as I use Berts and I have to say they have done well by me. The ratcheting adjustables are one hand operation and as far as I'm concerned, bulletproof.
  24. I ran these for while also, good release overall, only thing I recommend is to check the bend in the release clip fairly often, Mine ended up wearing a groove in it and started chaffing the line. Since then I use either the walker or a rubber band. p.s. you can also us a rubber band in he blacks release if you wear a groove.
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