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  1. Just glad your still with us to talk about it Dave.
  2. Yeah I still have it Dave. It isn't getting used as much as it should though.
  3. Hello Dave....talk to Shaffer lately?
  4. We have a winner. We did it the same way in tournaments. Like you say sometimes we would have a fish on before we would even reach for another rod. I still set the riggers first to this day because they are fishing faster and it's what I'm use to.
  5. Good job! What was your sister boat doing to make them more productive?
  6. Holland must have a wider area to fish. There's no way I would run planers in St. Joe's channel.
  7. Right off of Profishient Charters facebook page. Profishient Fishing Charters "Fishing is insane right now out of Holland and Saugatuck. 25-40 fish landed in 3-4 hours is about the average right now. Anything you put in the water, as long as it is a Spin Doctor and Fly will get hit immediately. We aren't going to put up any additional reports until things slow down a bit because it is beyond being ridiculous at this point. Good luck and be safe!"
  8. The last I knew Charlie had a slip at Brian's also. His boat name was or is Spur of the Moment. I wonder if Dennis fishes any more, he used to have the Pro-King boat.
  9. Wow Molhagens, I sure miss that place. It sure was a great place to do business and just BS with guy's. Sounds like you have made your rounds. Does Dennis Neidlinger still have a slip at Brians?
  10. Guess I was over thinking things again. I read your signature and it says your home port is St. Joe and figured you already knew about the Fishin Hole. I thought there may be a new tackle store in the area.
  11. Oh..I thought it was a new tackle shop. The Fishin Hole has been there for quite a few years. I know Charlie and Theresa very well, and have fished with Charlie a few times and have had some very memorable fishing trips.
  12. Thanks for the report. Did you get the name of the new bait shop? Also is it right on the corner of 63 and Niles Ave.?
  13. You would think that they would be out there staging getting ready to run in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we will get some cooler water down here to help them along. The clock is ticking.....
  14. So when are you putting the Yamaha on it? Looks great though, it will be nice when you put that first layer of fish slime in it.
  15. I've been listening at times. Great idea and thank you!
  16. Nice fish, and nice job! Looks like those A-TOM-MIK flies work real well. Can't say that I've seen them in these parts. They would definitely be worth a try, if you want to send some this way.
  17. Thank's for the lesson Six, I guess I need to go back to school. My bad.
  18. Sixshooter, How do you figure that I made a 100% inaccurate statement. Kings and coho ARE both of the salmon species. Yes they are different types of fish but they are the same species.
  19. You still did the right thing. Kings and coho are both salmon. You needed trout.
  20. I agree, I was saying the same thing looking at the pics. they're kings.
  21. I know that it is true. But thats all that I know. I did'nt know that Dreamweaver bought it.
  22. It :cpox: went 4 times for me yesterday, I just could'nt get to the rod quick ehough.
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