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  1. No hits eh, so what if I threw in all of the fishing gear? We're talking a lot of gear. Probably 5 or 6 bags of spoons, flashers, flys and body baits. A dozen or so dipsys, combinations of bouncers, weights etc. Everything from walleye, skams to salmon along with boards and a dozen of different rod/reel combos. Truly everything you would ever need plus some.
  2. Kicker is a 20hp 2 stroke throttle at the motor. A photo shows the use of a separate tank mounted on the step ladder. I'll have to get back to you on engine hours. I have it written down but I'm not near home at the moment. O/D has been gone through when I bought the boat to assure it was sound. The mech said it was factory fresh. It's been maintained by a single mech since I've had the boat back in 04.
  3. $6,000 obo This well outfitted boat is a steal at this price. Includes Humminbird 981c side imaging FF Cannon speed/temp Magellan GPS/Chart Plotter 5†display Raymarine VHF radio/ Shakespeare Galaxy 8’ antenna B.E.P. 3-switch battery system w/auto sensor, separate start and house circuits 1 start Batt. /2 house Batts. Fishing Arch w/12 rod rocket launcher 4 Big Jon electric down riggers w/gimbals Kenwood AM/FM CD 400watt 4ch. marine amplifier Single channel 1000 watt class D sub amp Bose marine speakers/front Infinity 6x9s/rear 10 inch Pioneer slim profile subs w/custom installation Recent Seating Upgrades Cabin upgrades include: carpet, custom shelving, (new) Raritain ceramic toilet/pump out tank holds 6 gal. 260 hp 350 cu. Inch V8 OMC electric shift O/D maintained seasonally by single certified OMC mechanic 16x14 prop/ 14x14 prop 20hp Johnson kicker w/extension (adjustable bracket) 5 new life jackets 100’ anchor line and anchor Holescalw trailer/electric winch (w/remote switch) http://s44.photobucket.com/user/DangerDanphoto/slideshow/Boats
  4. 4-rigger 6-dipsy 2 mono, 2 PP, 2 wire 6-ledcore 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 colors 2-copper 200, 300
  5. I've been using these connectors for the past 5 years now. I've only had to replace one of the four that I purchased originally. They offer a flush fit and water tight connection with a cover that keeps the plug dry when not in use. I wired these plugs to fit through the gunnel and plug in at each rigger. http://www.westmarine.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=112199&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&storeId=11151&storeNum=10109&subdeptNum=10611&classNum=10615 Doh!!! I see you've found them already.....
  6. It was more of a prank question... and yeah, I remember... I'll get signed up.. Gears ready I only have to check my lube plugs...
  7. We're taking spoons & body baits on Lake Mi. for spring browns. Whats your hottest color/pattern?
  8. They have a pretty good selection on weights. Cannon balls and pancakes in #10 and #12, sharks in #10 and the silver #12#. Lighter weights as well. You may want to give them a call before heading over. I'm not sure where else you can get the black or silver sharks. Perhaps Tackle Haven.?.
  9. Lunkers in Edwardsburg http://www.lunkers.com/location.htm a bit Spendy though.
  10. Thanks for the report. Looking forward to heading out myself real soon.
  11. Not necessarily on the water but I always circle the trailer twice to check everything then stop and check again at the end of my block... OCD...? After launching and heading down the channel I usually say a quick silent prayer for saftey and a smooth trip. That, and I carry an old mermaid lure hanging on my windshield.. Nothing too weird I reckon.
  12. Thanks guys. I also completed my stereo system this summer. 1000w on the two subs and 400w to the bose and infinities. Man!! Its amazing how much sound it produces. It sounds pretty sweet at lower levels too. I have a Kenwood head unit but after using my MP3 it hasn't seen any action since.. A little bottom paint and I think she's done... Cept maybe that stripper pole...
  13. The whole job ran about a grand...This guy does really good work too. I'm thinkin the poles were $150 and the canvass work about $400. The boat is a 1971 Slickcraft SS235. I removed and replaced all of the seating with what you see now. I had these carmel colored fold outs originally. I thought they took up too much space along with the jump seats next to the dog house. The replacements seating was much brighter and the small seats can me mounted behind the front seats or next to the dog house. Both areas have mounts installed.
  14. The wife recomended the boat's name.. I think she's implying I spend too much money on my boat.. Is that possible? Here she is a few years back. And again with the new mooring cover, just in time for winter. Figured while it was in the canvass shop a more roomy bimini might be a good idea. Plenty of head room now.
  15. I found it... 750 smackers for a full cover, bimini and the hatch cover strip. Not bad, not bad....

  16. Hey, Do you know the of that guy in Napanee that does the boat covers/upholstery? His # by chance?

  17. For my subs I'm looking at an empty gunnel compartment dimensionally about 30" x 27" x 5" deep. Just enough room to mount the sub in depth. This enclosure isn't sealed it has a passage for wiring to the transom/bulkhead. Like I say, a little poly fill and maybe a small port will do wonders. I'm not taking up any space though (this is only a 23' boat). It is what it is and will have to be designed around that. I'm pretty confident I'll get what I'm looking for.
  18. One of the variables I was talking about in the pervious post is the fact that normal enclosures are non-existant unless you want to count behind bulkheads and gunnel box compartments. space is still a premium as this is a fishing boat. It's a tricky deal installing in these areas but with a little consideration and fiberglass or polyfill and some sensitivity adjustments, after adding the subs I'll be able to get the sound I'm looking for. I think I have enough space and things look like they will work out nicely. 1200W amp? nah.... I'm thinking another 400w max. To be honest I'm a bit skeptical on manufacturer ratings anyways. In all at that point I'll be pulling about 40amps from my charging system (when I kick up the power) then and my alt. is rated for 94 amps which leaves me plenty of power to spare.
  19. Yeah... Not so fast.. Let me torque your gourd for a bit. As I posted I'm running a set of 2ohm infinity kappas in the rear. The RMS (and I use this term loosley) are about 110w. My amp is rated to about 150w @ 2ohm and 100w @4ohm. I'm pleased with the sound I'm getting however when I push the amp I realize some distorion, (thats if I really push it). I'm running the majority of my music through an mp3 player so it's very compressed. If I bump my gains up to where I get the bass I'm looking for it's just a little to much for the kappas but if I turn it down a bit I loose to much base (on some songs) and find myself re-adjusting. (Maybe I'm looking for too much) Regardless, the kappas are only designed for so much. We're talking a pretty fine line here. My choices seem to be: add another pair of kappas in series bumping the ohms up to 4 and cutting my wattage in half but creating more head room, Or... adding a pair of subs. Now when I say add subs I'm not talking about 10s or 12s, I'm thinking 8s, more of a mid bass. The thing is installations in a cars and boats create so many variables and without knowing what everything is going to sound like before I cut holes takes a lot of thought. I've used a little extra time to experiment. I've tried some baffling with fiberglass behind my kappas in the the bulkhead with marginal results. (it's a little better though) Many people wouldn't notice the difference I'm looking for but I do, and like an old friend once said, "If your stereo sounds good to you, its a good stereo." So, I continue contemplating. I'll likely go with these subs.: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_7272_Infinity+Reference+850W.html Any thoughts?
  20. A little more on the subject. http://community.crutchfield.com/forums/thread/31210.aspx
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