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  1. " in the 14's" is the Latitude position? So let say they started fishing at 42deg 14' 00" and trolled south. They would have started between South Haven and St. Joseph. St. Joseph is 42deg 6' 00" (aprox.) South Haven is 42deg 24' 00" (aprox.) Saugatuck is 42deg 41' 00" (aprox.) Holland is 42deg 49' 00" (aprox.) Port Sheldon is 42deg 57' 00" (aprox.) Grand Haven is 43deg 2' 00" (aprox.) Muskegon is 43deg 3' 00" (aprox.) Little Sable Point is 43deg 39' 00" (aprox.) Pentwater is 43deg 47' 00" (aprox.) Ludington is 43deg 58' 00" (aprox.) Big Sable Point is 44deg 3' 00" (aprox.) Manistee is 44deg 17' 00" (aprox.) Steve
  2. Welcome to the site. Stop in at camp site 124-125 this weekend and I'll help you out. Steve
  3. I'll be staying at insta-Launch Thursday thru Monday. Camp sight 124-125, stop in and say high. You can't miss us. Steve
  4. I’m finally getting a chance to write a report for fishing last weekend. Some of you may have known that the Lake had rolled over last Wednesday down here in St. Joe and that brought some Steelies into the pier heads. I was able to hit the water Friday night and Saturday morning for a few hours. Friday I had lines set by 4:30pm and pulled at 8:00pm went 1 for 4 on the steelies with 3 of them hooking up in the river and 1 off the south pier. On Saturday morning we hit the water and had lines set by 7:00am and pulled them at 10:00am, went 1 for 4 on the steelies again 3 of them hooking up in the river and 1 off the north pier. On Sunday I headed up to Muskegon to fish the league challenge, in hope of bringing home the wooden fishy. We hit the water around 4:45am and did some water temp searching and found a spot around 2 miles north of the piers in 85 fow. By 5:30 we headed west and started setting lines with 2 riggers down and 2 full core out and trying to get 2 dipsies out, we had the first king take a full core with a Moonshine Yellow Smolt. After getting that line back out the next king was on in a matter of seconds, this time a full core with a Moonshine Flounder Pounder. After this fish was boxed we had about a 15-20 minute low and I was able to set a diver rod and a drop ball. We worked out to 97 fow when the full core Flounder Pounder took off screaming and then a rigger went with a Moonshine Blue Smolt down 58 feet. As we got those 2 fish close to the boat to net the other rigger goes with an EverGlo Wonder Bread J-Plug down 48 feet. With 3 of us in the boat and 3 fish on, no one to net and steer the boat, we decided to place the J-plug rod in the rod holder and forget it. With Kirk fitting a big king that was now in front of the boat and Brett trying to net it, I took the fish that I had on and just grabbed it out of the water and through it on the floor of the boat, I grabbed the J-plug rod and fought that fish to the back of the boat, by this time the big king was out of the net and laying in the bottom of the boat with the first one that I brought in and we were able to net the third fish and through it on the bottom of the boat. What a fire drill that was. From that point on I don’t think we had all 6 lines in the water for more then a few minutes, there was a few times we only had 2 rods in the water. We end up pulling lines at 7:30am boxed out on kings and headed for the shoreline to see if we could pick up a steelhead or brown and to get out of those so called 0-1 foot waves. We took (2) kings on Moonshine Flounder Pounder full core, (2) kings on Moonshine Yellow Smolt full core, (2) kings on Moonshine Blue Smolt off rigger down 58 feet, (2) kings on EverGlo Wonder Bread J-Plug off rigger down 48 feet and (1) king on Blue Bubble Spin Doctor w/ Chrome Blue/Green cut head off drop ball. Oh! And (1) sheephead on a J-11 orange jointed rap. off (2) color core that thought he was a steelhead by flying 3 feet out of the water when we hook him. Steve
  5. I'm looking for a Rider for Sunday. If anyone is available please let me know.
  6. Here out of St. Joseph, MI. the Cook Nuclear Plant listed the water temp on Lake Michigan yesterday as 81.7 deg. The water was so hot that they had to shut down on of the reactors because they could not get it cooled down to state standards.
  7. Yes you would! Picture it like a built in snap on weight. The more back you put out the deeper your core will sink (to a point). Most don't let out to much backer because you already have to reel in 100 yrds of core and who wants to reel in more then that. We already fight about who has to reel in the full cores.
  8. Sweet picture Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever photo shopped that did a nice job.
  9. Use between 20-30 briskets and add as needed to maintain a temp of 200-240 deg. You'll need a meat thermometer to check the inside temp of the turkey. Once you reach an internal temp of 168 deg. cook for about 30-45 minutes longer and then you’re done. A 12-14 lb bird will take about 6-7 hours to cook only add your smoking wood for the last 2 hours or so. Make sure you use only hard woods to smoke with. I make my own blend of smoking wood out of apple/hickory and then soak it over night in apple juice.
  10. Hey Steve, I smoke a whole turkey every year for thanksgiving for the guys here at work. Do you have a charcoal or electric? I have both so I can help you out with either set-up.
  11. Welcome to the site Kirk It's been nice talking with you these last couple of days. If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me or ever post them up. There are a lot of people here with tons of knowledge
  12. The "Big Water Trolling" Book has all the depth charts for the dipsies. Running with 30# mono, 30# braid and 30# wire. If you have the chart for Wire it's the same Depth Chart for running braid, they both go down to the same depth.
  13. The battery was a deep cycle. (I'll have to check the amp hours but I think it was a 1030-1130 amp hour battery.) The amprage draw on the coffee maker is a good question. I'll have to see if there is any info on the coffee maker. I ran the coffee maker just long enough to brew a pot and then I would pour it into my thermas and turn it off. So what maybe 15-20 minutes tops.
  14. Mike, Keep and eye on the current and amp draw on the battery when using a AC inverter, they can drain a battery down to nothing in a heart beat. I used one for a coffee maker in my duck blind. After (2) pots of coffee the battery was dead. It's all based on current and amp draw, but you know that. Steve
  15. Same one. I'm also looking for a florescent light that will run off of a 12V system that is the same size as the black light.
  16. Black Light Charged for 1 hour 2 mill candle power spot light for 10 min. Distance is as close to the spoon you can get. Time of glow in 60 deg. water vs. 40 deg. water. (The colder the water the shorter the glow life.)
  17. Habanero on a full core. I just went out at lunch time and picked one up to put into my arsenal of spoons.
  18. Walleye stock on Great Lakes continues to grow By ERICA KOLASKI Tribune Staff Writer SAULT STE. MARIE - More than half a million walleye fingerlings were stocked in the upper Great Lakes in the 20th year of the Inter Tribal Fisheries and Assessment Program. According to Jennifer Dale, spokeswoman for the Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority, the stocking program was established to enhance the fisheries in the Northern Great Lakes areas. “This provides better walleye fishing for all anglers and also provides for better tribal fishing opportunities,†she said. “This program is meant to benefit every fishery and every kind of fishery to catch walleye, be it sportfishers, leisurely anglers or tribal substance fishers,†she said. “Everyone benefits from this program.†Walleye stock on Great Lakes continues to grow
  19. Climate change experts predict drop in Lake Erie water levels Associated Press CLEVELAND - The newest update to a Lake Erie management plan predicts global warming will lead to a steep drop in water levels over the next 64 years, a change that could cause the lake's surface area to shrink by up to 15 percent. The drop could undo years of shoreline abuse by allowing water to resume the natural coastal circulation that has become blocked by structures, experts said. Updated annually, the plan is required by the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between the United States and Canada. It is developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environment Canada and state and local governments with help from the shipping industry, sports-fishing operators, farm interests, academics and environmental organizations. Climate change experts predict drop in Lake Erie water levels
  20. Scientists use oranges to track blue-green algae July 25, 2006, 6:45 AM EDT SWANTON, Vt.(AP) _ Scientists studying toxic blue-green algae blooms on lakes Champlain, Erie and Ontario are using a low-tech tool to track the blooms' movements: oranges. Lake researcher Greg Boyer joined two assistants for a boat ride out onto Lake Champlain's Missisquoi Bay on Monday to dump two crates of 25 oranges each overboard. "Oranges are biodegradable and they float right on the surface just like algae, so they are good markers for how the algae travel," Boyer said. Scientists use oranges to track blue-green algae
  21. I have never really had good luck with a flasher/dodger off of the Lead core. My most productive baits off of core have been spoons and J-Plugs.
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