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Holland Marine Radio

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I had the idea a few years ago to stream marine radio live on the Internet and I’ve finally got it up and running this year.

I am fortunate to know the owner of Parkway Inn and he allowed me to install a radio and antenna on the roof as well as using his Internet connection to upload the live stream to the streaming server.

The last week of testing has been great. It’s picking up all radio chatter on channel 68 from Grand Haven down to Saugatuck.

Hopefully this will be a great fishing tool for all this year! :thumb:

Check it out:


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I tested it on an Iphone and Ipad2 last week and was having some issues. The Iphones and Ipads can't do flash so the website won't work unless you hack your phone with Frash or something similar.

The stream is hosted on Ustream which does have an Iphone/Ipad app. I tried that last week and the current app is having a few issues but I think they should get it worked out soon. I think you might need to be on Wifi rather than 3g in order for it to work. You'll need to download the Ustream app and locate my stream with the username ekbelt or just search for 'Holland marine radio' on Ustream and it should come right up.

I can pull it up on my original Droid just fine... its great! Early in the week seems to be pretty quiet. I heard a guy this morning who has 6 for 6 around 9am in 150fow. Tonight it sounded like a few guys were out there but it was pretty rough. Last week Thursday, Friday, and Saturday had chatter almost all day.

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I'm planning on firing the marine radio stream back up in March some time. I have plans to update the webpage this year to allow it to natively stream on iPhone and iPads. It should already work in any browser and on android phones.

I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback on scanning more channels or just keeping it on channel 68? Scanning channels could make it a little more confusing, but also might offer more information.

What do you think?

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