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  1. Amazing! Great catch. Living vicariously may hold me over till Spring!
  2. Grossed out by this space invader of a gorgeous king’s personal space. Wiki says there are 30,000 in the Great Lakes. Make that 29,999.
  3. Nice fish! I was afraid to look and find no reports, but you saved the day! Where the other fish gone?
  4. Trolled to 200. Narrowly missed a skunk with a too small to keep laker that was big enough to knit copper and lead. Had lots of time to untangle as there was nothing else to do. I hope to give it another go in a couple weeks.
  5. Thanks for the report. Looks like a temp break at 55 fow. Don’t know what that means, but I’ll be washing lures this morning. Hopefully fished moved in last night to watch the fireworks.
  6. Shifting winds may have played a role, but in any case there were few bites. 1 for 2. Lost the first in 85 fow, straight out. 150 copper strangely returned a mixed veggie magnum minus the hook and split ring. I think the fish, I’ll call him Houdini, was soon showing off his lates piercing. Never had that happen before. Trolled for 3 more hours before throwing in the towel. When we popped the last rigger line, it popped back. My son was pleased. Raspberry dolphin with orange back, down 85. Thank you dear lake, till we meet again.
  7. Thanks for the report. You have dinner and then some! Hope to try in the am. Where are the cohos??
  8. Wow! Was out there with you. Went too deep to 130. Took a coho on a rigger down 35, orange dodger, green fly. One tip on a pearl meat rig but gone in 10 seconds. Very bouncy to say the least, quit at 1030. Got out just after sunup. Called for the Reel Woman on 10 and 68. Sorry I missed you, as a good report would have brought more confidence than fear. Lol. maybe next weekend
  9. Went for the calm seas of the south end in search of fat coho. 270ish heading and set up in 80 fow. Took a fatty on rigger orange dodger green fly down and back 35. Lost another heavy on 200 copper on silver green dodger and green fly. Big steelie at 90 fow on rigger jagerbomb spoon back 70 down 50. 8# king on 150 copper magnum frog spoon. Another Ho on the orange dodger green fly rigger. Made another pass and took a coho on an orange spoon free slider on the rigger down 50. foolishly left fish to find fish after hearing a report of action 120-140 fow. Made it to 125 without a hit. Called it a day. Hope to go again tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for the report. I find that I am frequently suckered into setting up in close. One big rip and I keep thinking another will come. Next time I will go west young man, go west!
  11. Thanks. After your fine report, I dragged meat on a low wire diver back 100-160 all over South Haven. Kevin’s girlfriend/pickled sunshine, black mamba, and white Pearl never took a hit. I’m home in Indy this weekend, but eager for another crack the following Saturday.
  12. Fished 0630-1230. Calm seas, plenty of boats, Lonely box. Managed just one coho on an orange standard spoon slider with main line down 45. 2 hits on Carmel dolphin 200 copper, 2 hits on magnum frog 150 copper, 1 hit green tuxedo 5 colors, 1 more on slider and 1 on 300 copper, moonshine flounder pounder. Fished 85-160. that’s right folks 1 for 7. Hooks are sharp. Drags set right. Never had a day quite like it. till we meet again, BigBones out and clear.
  13. Pointed into the waves south west this am to 130 fow. Rode the back N NE. One king on 200 cu, Carmel dolphin in 125. Dancing steelie in 120, 100 Cu, mixed Frog magnum. No other hits.
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