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  1. Just make sure you space out your boards. Not much of a depth difference between those high lead cores
  2. We change a couple different things. When we are looking for steelhead we try to find a surface temperature of 52-55 degrees. Preferably a stretch of water that changes temperature really quick. We use all spoons and we fish the top of the water column. Our steelhead program is 1,2,3 colors on both sides. So 6 high lead cores. Then we usually put a 100 ft copper on both sides. So 8 high long lines. Then two down riggers about 20 down with sliders 8 feet above that. Then 2 or 3 high divers. When it comes to colors. We use a lot of orange and bright yellow. Basically and bright colored. Smaller spoons for the most part. Super slims or regular sized spoons. Not many mag spoons. We don't change our speed too much but we pay more attention to our speed on the surface rather than at the ball. Anywhere from 2.5-3.0 for our speed. So we fish high with bright spoons a little faster than normal.
  3. We have been up in ludington for the week and wow it's amazing how much things change within a week. When we first got here, we went out Sunday and the Kings were on the bank so we caught a bunch of nice kings early in the morning but then they shut off so we had to go out to 300 fow and caught some steelhead. Tuesday was a little bit different so we went straight to 300 fow in that same spot and caught a bunch of steelhead. But then everything changed with a strong north blow wednesday. It flipped the water completely so now the water is ice cold on the bank. It's slowly warming up but the bank is essentially useless right now with how ice cold the water is. 40 degree water isn't the best temp for fish. So the bottom line is you have to go way out deep to find fish. So more details on our trip this morning. We went 16 for 20 in deep water. One king, 11 steelhead and 4 BIG lake trout 530 fow to be exact. Lost another king and 3 more steelhead. we were in 55 west and 07-08 north. We found a quick temp break that went from 55 degrees to 49 degrees in about a half a mile. That is where the fish were. Big scum line and every time we went through it we hit fish. What we hit fish on were: 1,2,3 colors with bright spoons (Orange and yellow spoons) 100 copper with mixed veggie High divers with SS lemon ice and SS Orange ladderback spoon. 75-80 back Down rigger with UV moonshine yellow and orange spoon. Basically all fish were caught in the top 25 foot of water. Hopefully this helps those of you heading out for this holiday weekend. My advice would be go to the coast watch surface temp site online and find a 2 mile stretch with a big temperature break. The steelhead should be in that break along with a mix of a few other fish. If you have any questions then just ask. Good luck!!!
  4. You have to go really deep of you want to catch fish. We have been out Sunday, Tuesday, and today (Friday). I'll put up a little more detailed report in 30 mins
  5. Sorry the post is a little late but her it is. We fished from 5am-11am both days and caught 8 fish both days. Friday we went 8-13 and Saturday we went 8-11. The fish were all very good size which made for some fun fishing. The 8 fish Saturday added up to being over 110 pounds so it was fun plus we got a guy out there that has never caught a salmon before. We caught the fish between the bath house and the point in 100-130 FOW on mostly everything. I would have to say small white plugs caught the most fish. I think they took a total of 7 fish and spoons took another 4 and meat/flys took the rest. The fishing seemed to really really slow for most people or at least that's what the DNR officer told us. He said the average catch was two fish which is rather worrisome. Hopefully it keeps getting better. Sorry this post is rather brief so if you have any questions then just ask and ill answer when I have more time.
  6. Yeah I know te wood could have come from anywhere. We've all seen wood floating in the lake before just unlucky to hit it. And yeah that is what I heard. The fishing sounded like it was very good Sunday and hopefully stays that way all summer
  7. Yeah the fish were deeper. We marked more fish and bait out there. Plus there were some hungry ones. We fish up there pretty often and have some friends that are up there all summer so if you are gonna head out of ludington again send me a PM and I'll let you know what we know.
  8. It was a big piece of 2 by 4 with screws on it that someone must have thrown off their boat
  9. simply put this weekend was an interesting one to say the least. On Saturday morning we got out on the water around 6 am to find that the wind had pushed ALOT of cold water into the skinnier water. We decided to go south by the projects because it usually warmer than the point. It was pretty hard to find any surface temps above 45 degrees. We ended up talking to some people who were inside of 70 foot of water and really struggling to get a bite so we decided to head out to 100-115 FOW. Turns out that was a pretty good decision as we went 5-8 in a couple hours out there. All the fish were kings between 11-15 pounds. 6 of the hits came on coppers between 100-200 copper. we got one hit on a dipsey and one on a downrigger. All hits were on moonshine mag spoons. Green and blue were the hot colors. When we got in we talked to the DNR officer and he told us that the surface temps at the point were from 36-38 degrees and that it was tough day of fishing for everybody unless you ran down to pent water. Alright this is where it gets more interesting. On our way in Saturday we saw a boat swinging there arms at us to get our attention so we decided to head over and see what the problem was. Their boat was dead in the water. After a good hour of them trying to fix it we ended up having to tow them in to port which usually wouldn't take all that long but considering they were twice the size of our boat, it ended up being quite the slow process. We finally got them to port safe and sound and were excited to head out and fish the next day or at least we thought we were gonna be doing some fishing. On Sunday morning the winds had changed and brought some warm water back in and the fish had followed. So we were up early and ready to kill them. At about 5:30 am we were headed south to the projects again. But while we were running full speed out to our fishing destination something got in the way. At full speed we wrecked a large piece of wood floating in the water. Wow is that quite the surprise. It is like hitting a brick wall! It stopped our boat dead in its tracks. Probably one of the scariest things I have ever encountered. As you would expect it did some damage. It broke both our graph sonar piece and fishhawk piece on the bottom of our boat. Plus it did quite the job on our motor. It totally busted the hydraulic pump and did some more damage on the motor which is still to be determined. All we know is the motor wasn't running and we could raise or lower the motor but we are still figuring out everything that is wrong. We ended up slowly making our way back into port with our kicker motor to access the damage. Luckily the actually fiberglass of our boat came out unharmed which I like to think is the good karma we got from pulling in the guys from the day before. lol All in all it wasn't the weekend we were looking for but nobody got hurt and I think everything can be fixed with some handy work and a few new pieces of equipment.
  10. 38 degrees is far to cold in my opinion. Steelhead don't even like that cold of water
  11. We will be out in holland this morning. We arnt gonna be setting lines until 8:15 though. Running a little behind
  12. I cant promise we will be open that weekend but if we are then we would love to fish in it. We fish out of ludington almost all summer so we defiantly know how awful the nets can be
  13. We got out today and went south and went 6 for 8. Slot of ppl were out and a lot of ppl got 1 or 2 fish and most ppl fished in front of the pier heads
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