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  1. http://www.trollingdivers.com/deeper-dive-charts.html
  2. I post a couple of photos from our days last week on the Baltic sea.. 11 salmons over 22 lb and several 28-31 lb and a nice 34 lb salmon And a big number of 13-22 lb fish Many two and three strikes, When the 34 lb strike at the same time a 24lb strikes.. nice fights with 400-800 ft of line out on several fish Best Regards Jonas
  3. Hello I post a couple of photos from last weeks trip to the Nothern part of the Baltic Sea in Sweden. some 25-29 lb fish The 25 lb salmon on the photo was so strong for it size took almost 800 feet of line in the strike. Best Regards Jonas
  4. where did you get the boards and do they work better then conventional boards and where do you catch atlantics like that

  5. THANKS!!!! It was some Nice days on the water. One day we had Several 27-31 lb salmons in the boat And the day we catch the 35 lb we lost salmons that was Bigger... one almost empty a SG 47 LCA Reel on line..... “Mike” When we Fish the Baltic Sea we use MAG size spoons. On the surface we use big boards with various lead weights on. also spoons on the downriggers/dipsy and Michigan Stinger Flashers with a bait on a short line behind was HOT!! Here is a link to the kind of flasher bait I mean http://regalsportfiske.se/visa_produkt.asp?t=Grizzly-Wobbler&id=1823〈=sv
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