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  1. Lef T Thanks for catching that date, he fooled the rest of us
  2. We were out of Muskegon last Thursday Night. About 9:00 PM, On the way back in front of the channel, any where from 50 fow to about 30 fow it was wall to wall bait fish. They went from about 10 feet down to about 30 feet. My screen is 5 inch by 7 inch and it was all bait fish
  3. If your looking for a Good Launch out of Muskegon try Grand Trunk in the Lakeside area. It's at the end of McCracken St. The Lake Express Ferry comes in and out of there, so it's nice and deep. Lots of parking
  4. I winterized mine last weekend , just waiting to put it in inside storage
  5. Nice catch Bobr, we're going to go out for a while tomorrow afternoon. Butting bat away in 2 more weeks. What about you?
  6. At least someone is getting a few fish. you got a couple South and you got a couple North now maybe we can get a couple in Muskegon
  7. Nice boat and nice fish, Hope your right about the good start for next year
  8. There were 3 Kings caught in the Muskegon Channel by the Coast Guard Station Thurs. morning between 9 and 10 am on J Plugs and spoons. Maybe with these cold nights there might be another run out there. Going to give it a shot Sat.
  9. Bobr, what kind and what size boat do you have. Where is your home Port and do you motor or trailer to these other ports you fish. My home Port is Muskegon and am running a 20 foot Celebrity I/O V8
  10. I tried your set-up out of Muskegon from 4:00pm till 7:30pm but it didn't do anything for us. I started in 60fow and trolled out to 130fow north to south and back again
  11. Hi Bobr, I'm going to take a shot at it this weekend out of Muskegon. I'll try your depths and see what happens up here
  12. Good luck, if you can get 3 or 4 fish you'll be doing better than most guys. Let us know where you find them
  13. It was dead last weekend out of Muskegon, North to Duck Lake and South to South Haven. There are fish out of Muskegon but all have lock jaw
  14. It seams like in some cases the Bigger the Boat the Less the Brain Power. It doesn't matter what Port your in
  15. Went out Friday about 5:30, went to 95 fow down 80 to 65. Went 0 for 4, Those Jacks are slippery. It was wierd trolled N to S o f 0 for 1 changed troll to W to E and went 0 for 3 speed 2.7 to 3.0. Water was a little bumpy. Had 2 guys out that never been out before but still had a good time. I guess I'll have to work with them a little. Try it again Sat
  16. Way to go Martin, we're catching 41 lbs Kings in Muskegon
  17. Nice job GunFun13, we went out of Muskegon Sunday afternoon, went out to 135 fow and had 1 release and that was it. Had some good conversation with a fellow Great Lakes Fisherman but I can't remember his name, maybe he'll read this and let me know. Trying again Tuesday night
  18. Great idea, maybe now we can tell what the lake is doing before we take a trip out there to find out it's to ruff it fish. Thanks
  19. Yes, we own a small Bakery and we named it after my wife. And yes she is Sassy
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