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  1. well done. Can you share the lures that were working?
  2. Fished out of Saugatuck Aug 1, started 7:30 am at 70 FOW and trolled 2.3 mph out to 130 FOW. Marked some lakers on bottom and I suspect a few steelhead near top, but no hookups until 9 am. Took a 13 lb lake trout on 300 ft copper with a ice blue glow spoon. That was it for the morning.
  3. Fished 9 -11:30 am on July 4 out of Saugatuck. Found good water temps (50-55 F) at 120-140 FOW, 45-60 ft down. Caught 7 lb steelhead on green dolphin (45 ft downrigger), 5 lb coho on blue dolphin (45 ft downrinner) and 5 lb laker on blue dolphin (200 ft copper). flies were bad, but fishing good.
  4. Fished out of Saugatuck on Memorial day, fished S-N troll at 75-80 FOW, 2.5 mph, went 3 for 6. Two 10 lb Kings and 1 4 lb Coho. All bites came in lower profile, 60 ft and down, mostly on variations of Dolfin lure, blue dolphin, green dolphin, gold dolphin, and once on metallic flounder pounder. Beautiful morning on lake Michigan.
  5. fished mid-morning our of Saugatuck on Mother's Day (yep 2 moms in the boat), started at 55 FOW on south troll and 2.3 MPH at ball. 1st hit after ten minutes on DR 35 depth gold dolphin, but lost the 20lb-ish king near boat. Lost 2 more on lead core (double orange crush) and 200 ft copper (NBK) over next 30 min, ranging from 50 to 60 FOW. Turned back to north troll and finally netted a 20 lb king on DR 30 ft down with NBK spoon. Big healthy kings!!!!
  6. Fished out of Saugatuck Sunday morning (9/16) . started at 80 FOW and trolled west to 130 FOW ... plenty of 45-50 degree water deep in the profile, and fish marking, but not much action. Finally caught a 6 lb laker on downrigger 75 ft down at 120 FOW on a metallic flounder pounder with a big coyote flasher .... same rig went again 30 min later ... larger fish and got off. My conclusion is that salmon not yet here?
  7. late start ... fished 8 - noon out of Saugatuck. Water was 70 F from top to bottom out till about 115 FOW, then thermocline with cold water (50-60F) began to appear in deeper water. Consistently marked fish from 120 - 140 FOW, mostly at greater depths, but occasionally 40-50 deep. Trolled with a wide range of lures, green spinny meat rig, white fly and spin doctor, mixed veggies, blue dolphin, green ladder-back jpug, pounder flounder, but could not get a single hit. Hmm .... like they had lock-jaw? Made me wonder if when mature salmon stage in deep water, do they stop feeding preceding the run, but are not yet likely to strike like they do at the pier heads?
  8. sorry for the late report. fished 7:30 - 11:30 out of Saugatuck on July 14. fished west from 70 - 85 FOW, then turned south and immediately had a 9 lb steelhead on downrigger (45 ft down), on multicolor flounder pounder. Fish another 30 min, nothing. Put a big coyote flasher on same rig, and within 5 min got a 8 lb laker. turned north-west to 100 FOW and picked up a 8 lb steelie on 200 ft copper mag blue dolphin. Wow fun.
  9. Marked big fish and bait 80-90 FOW, but no takers ... then marked nothing till we reached 110-120 and started marking again. Big steelhead screamed line out of my 200 ft copper with blue dolphin ... jumped 2 times and shook the hook. I expect could have had a few more tries if didn't have to leave early.
  10. Fished out of Saugatuck this morning. Picked up five med size lakers between 90 - 110 FOW, best when trolling S-SE. 2.2 - 2.5 MPH 2 came of DR with green bubble fly and green/blue spin doctor 75 down. 3 came on 300 ft copper with a green multi-color ladder back spoon and glow flounder pounder. Had a bite on mixed veggies on leadcore (30 ft down) from a big stealhead, jump out of the water and then headed straight to my boat, he won ... I lost.
  11. Fished more shallow than most ... 85-95 FOW ... south and north .... 3 kings around 10 lbs .. 7:30 - 10 am .. all on 200 ft copper .. 2 on mag blue dolphin .. 1 on green/blue ladder back .... 2.7 mph
  12. several boats were out deep, maybe 150-200 FOW, not sure how they did
  13. Salmon lock-jaw out of Saugatuck Fishing from 7 AM- noon on Sept 10, marking fish from 45 - 75 FOW but no takers. water temp was 62ish. trolled north and south, with spoons, flies and J-plugs on riggers, dipsies and copper, but no luck.
  14. Saugatuck 7/27 started fishing our of Saugatuck 7/27 at 7:30 AM, with limited marks from 95-120 FOW and 75 F on surface and 50s at 60 ft down on rigger. winds gradually shifted to N-NE. No hits till around 10 AM when freight train took blue/green bubble fly with blue/green spin doctor on rigger 75 ft down (100 FOW). Took most of the line out before wrapping in my copper line, and lost it. Other rigger with mag blue dolphin released in 95 FOW (70 ft down) with a 7 lb steel head, out only catch for the day.
  15. Started a bit late (7:30 AM) this morning in 80 FOW trolling south at 2.3 MPH at lost first king at net on 300 ft copper with blue/green fly and blue/green spin doctor. (water ranged from 52 - 57 F on probe 60 ft down) Picked up a 8 lb laker on same rig soon after. Turned north (90 FOW) at around 9 AM and quickly picked up 4 lb salmon on same fly/flasher from downrigger 50 ft down. Then lost one on 200 ft copper with flounder pounder. We weathered the storm, but seems like fish turned off? Fun day.
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