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  1. Muskegon 8/11 am

    Standard dopey but a mag ring on them. I figured they were down 100-120? Riggers were at 100-120 so I assumed the soapy were the same Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. Muskegon 8/11 am

    Braid. Never had them out that far before but it worked Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  3. Muskegon 8/11 am

    Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. 8 for 9. Most fish in 200plus fow. Break was down 85-90 down. Riggers down 110-125 were hit with flounder pounder. White sd and mirage fly hot back 300ft braid set on 1. Dropped lines at 7:00. Was slow till 9:30 or so and then hot till 11:00. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. Mona lake

    It gets in the 3-4 foot range for depth in some areas. Little tricky if we got some waves. No idea on whether or not the kings go up it, but not much to fish outside it. Pretty shallow for some distance from it. Hopefully helps? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  6. Well done! Sent from my DROID RAZR using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  7. Went 4-4 after dropping lines at 7:15 starting in 70 FOW on west troll. First fish smallest King within 15 min on high diver set back 125 in 100 for with a green and mirror looking spin doctor with a picked sunshine fly. 7:45 or so took the Steele on high diver 3 125 Line out with a tin can and a magnum wonderbread. Last 2 kings were a double at dark in 90ish fow on an east troll. Low diver set on 1 out 180 Mountain Dew spin doctor and pickled sunshine and diver on 3 set back 150 same rig as first small King taken. I am guessing these two weigh in the mid 20's. Those two tangled with lead core out as well as I pulled my riggers because of the mess I knew it would make. By the time I got both fish netted and in tangled I didn't keep fishing. My scale needed a 9v battery and didn't have one. Speeds were all over with currents but 2.2 to 2.8 range. Don't have a fish hawk. All in all a fast fishing frenzy.
  8. Holland 9-26 am

    Am going to try out of Muskegon tomorrow am. Trying something different since holland hasn't been great for me this year. East wind will probably change things a bit, but your plan sounds right. If I find something thats working, will hit the radio as well as the forum. Good luck
  9. Heard the same. Was iut last nigh. 1-1 with a steelie in 120 fow on 13 color with green ladderback j plug. Had everything out and marked a bunch, but no takers.
  10. 4/5. Best was 140-160 fow. May have been better in shallower, but massive boat traffic on Saturday. Flounder pounder rigger down 78. Low diver out 235 white paddle pickled sunshine fly. 13 color with carmel dolphin and flounder pounder again at 80 down hit and miss and then a laker. Sunday was rough water. 1/3. Steelie on 11 color carmel dolphin. Double header on 13 color white paddle and glow meat rig as wellnas low diver 160 out with green paddle and spotted dik meat rig. Only two guys on the boat and lost a 12 lber ish at back of boat when wrapped downrigger cable. Went back to 13 color and fiah was gone. Spent the rest of the morning fighting waves since we had a time crunch on getting back to port
  11. Another not so calm night. Got out late with a buddy. Lines down at 7:30-9. Went 2-2 double header at 8:30 south troll uv flounder pounder down 78 on rigger and a green splatter back ace high plug on 13 color lead in 95 fow. 15 lb and a 7lb king. I assume we could have done better but had some snags with other rigs. Only had one rod in the water after landing both fish.
  12. Not exactly flat out there. Marked a lot of bait in 150-160 fow straight out of spyglass. Only fish was a large steelie on a 7 color with greenish j plug in 150fow east troll. I switched to j plugs and had one more hit at 105fow on downrigger down 58 on east troll. Just hit and miss.
  13. 2-3 with two man crew. Warm water all the way down to 90ft. Fished 105 to 140 fow. Steelhead and king both went on same rig. Low diver 185 out with white sd and pickled sunshine fly. Had a hit on high diver with flounder pounder. Had riggers down 100ish but no hits. Carmel dolphins didnt get hit for first time this season. SE troll for both fish.
  14. 0-1. Ouch. Late start with some budies. Fishabout an hour and a half. 105 fow south troll. Fish hit on turn to the west on 13 color core with caramel dolphin. Didnt stay on very long. Other than that dragging linea. Heard meat did well but didn't have any on my boat. Good luck out there.
  15. Sunday night went well other than eqipment failures. Only fished a couple hours but went 1-5. Tuesday am went skunk. Wednesday am went 3-5. Whats working, carmel dolphin on rigger down 68 and lead 13 color multiple times. So much the hook broke away from the spoon and had to replace, Blue sd with blue bubble fly, blue dolphin. Not working, spotted dic meat rig, jawbreaker, green dolphin, watermelon fly. Mainly fishing between 95-120 fow. Best is 100-110 south east or west troll. All fish have been stellies except a 10 lb king off the rigger. Still trying to figure them out.