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  1. Set up in 170 this morning and headed southwest. Didn’t get a hit until 275 on a wire diver with a flounder pounder. Had what fought like a king on for a few minutes then it came unbuttoned. took a coho at 300 then a nice 17# king at 325. got 2 more coho and another miss before getting a small king on the rigger while brining gear in. Didn’t mark a single fish when we hooked up, marked hardly any fish all day actually. May have been out too deep but started hitting some fish while radio chatter was talking about how slow it was so I figured we were in as good a place as any. green dolphin on 200 copper green flounder pounder on mag dipsy 150 back blue splatterback plug on 7 color blue UV rapture fly (forget the name) on big white paddle 50’ behind ball 120 down. I was pretty happy for the shakedown cruise. cant wait for next time. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Hey Guys, last year my big spring upgrade was installing the Raymarine EV100 AP onto the boat. This year I am considering purchasing a Dragonfly 7 so that I can have the chart plotter and AP talk with each other. Currently I have the Lowrance Elite 7 which works just fine for me, I have no real issues with it other than some annoying little bugs. How big of an advantage is it in your opinions/experience to be able to have the AP talk with chart plotter? I have read that the built in EV100 Patterns really are not that good for Slow trolling salmon as the turns are too sharp. I can always just point my bow in the direction of a waypoint and call it good right? That is no different than what the computer would do. Any thoughts or comments? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. Gezellig


    Went out this morning 8/26. Was awful. brought home a little jack that was riding along on the rigger for who knows how long. Quite the difference from 2 weeks ago when i was last out. Hope next weekend is better. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  4. mag dipsys that far back or regular size 1? how far down do you figure they are running that far out? I have never run mags more than 180 out on a zero setting? Sounds like I need to start getting them back further. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. nice job gun fun!!! we were out of Muskegon as well this morning. Went 5 for 9 in 180' of water. No kings just Ho's and one Steelhead. It was gorgeous out there today. Lots of thermos to run through. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  6. Gezellig

    Autopilot Advice

    Thanks The Greek. I have 2 of the 29 series batteries in it (just cant see the other in the picture because it is on other side of the engine compartment) so hopefully all will be good. If it shuts off though, I will now know where to start troubleshooting.
  7. Gezellig

    Autopilot Advice

    As promised, here is the update. I was supposed to get this done more than a month ago but..... Spring is a busy time of the year. LOL I purchased a Seastar cylinder that mounted directly into my power steering assist cylinder in place of the steering cable. Could not have been easier, i bet you that it took all of 15 minutes. I then replaced the old rack and pinion helm with a hydraulic helm and ran the hoses back to they raymarine EV-100 pump and steer cylinder. The entire EV-100 system was quick and easy to install. I did a quick calibration while in my driveway and the instructions said it was good to go. We took the boat to an inland lake today and not only did I love the hydraulic steering but when I turned the autopilot on everything worked flawlessy. It was crazy how it taught itself how my boat handles. I cant wait to use it on the big water. I have attached a picture of the steer cylinder and the autopilot pump in case anyone wants to see it. I searched all over before making my final decision and could not find any. In my opinion this is the way to go. I had the same amount of money into the cylinder, helm, and hoses as an octopus system would have cost.
  8. Gezellig

    Autopilot Advice

    Thanks for all the advice fellas. I have priced everything out and I can install hydraulic steering for less money than installing an octopus system. The folks at seastar got back to me today with part numbers so I was able to verify that. I will let you guys know how the install goes in another 2 months when boat gets out of storage. Sure wish it wasn't. So far away yet. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. Gezellig

    Autopilot Advice

    It looks like I would still have to have either convert to hydraulic steering or get the octopus electro-mechanical system to attach to my power assist steer cylinder correct? Did you have to install that?
  10. Gezellig

    Autopilot Advice

    Ok I think that I have made my mind up unless someone points a problem out to me. According raymarine I would have to install an octopus system onto my existing power assist cylinder to go along with an EV-200 system. I do not have enough room behind my helm for the type S octopus helm. It looks like I can convert my boat to over to hydraulic steering using a seastar helm and seastar cylinder mated up to my existing power assist cylinder. This would save me about $300 on steering parts alone. I will be able to use the less expensive EV-100 system to control these. Looks like with the raymarine rebate I can do all of this for around $1800. Now I just have to make sure that it is worth it. Hahahah Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. Gezellig

    Autopilot Advice

    Thanks for taking the time with such a detailed reply scoffer !!! I did not see that rebate last weekend. I really do like the raymarine set up. Sound very simple and easy to use. I like that it can be used as a stand alone system also. All I want to do is point the boat in one direction and be able to not have to have my hand on the wheel at all times. Or turn around to watch the action behind me only to find that the boat had swung around 90 degrees because I had turned my body around 180 degrees. LOL.... not that that ever happens [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. Gezellig

    Autopilot Advice

    Thanks mrhookup. I just saw that one and it says steer actuators are available but I don't see where unless they are talking about the octopus system I keep reading about. I think I may contact them for clarification. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  13. Gezellig

    Autopilot Advice

    Autopilot Advice Hello guys, I am looking for a little advice to see if there is something that I have not found in hours of searching. I didn't see anything on here either which I thought was odd but maybe I wasn't using the right search words or something. I am interested in installing an autopilot this year as I am getting tired of chasing my boat all over and I always feel bad when yelling at my buddies or worse my daughters to keep the boat straight while I am setting or checking gear. Here is my problem. I have an older 24' Searay cuddy with an Alpha one I/O. I love the reviews and idea behind the Raymarine Evolution autopilot, but I have cable controlled power steering assist. Everything that I have read is that to go with this system, I will need to convert to hydraulic steering, dink around with the Octopus steering system and go with the more expensive EV-200 system. I have read that hydraulic steering is not all it is cracked up to be on an I/O and the Octopus system tends to make for harder steering when autopilot is not being uses. As much as I want Autopilot, This seems like a lot of work and even more money. Not sure I want to spend that on a 30 year old boat. (I am not buying another boat, I like not making payments while it is in storage or sitting next to my garage) The only system that I can come up with is the Lowrance Outboard Autopilot system. I would need to purchase a HDS finder/chartplotter to go along with it and I am not real exited about that as I am not a big fan of my Elite7. (not simple enough, and have had issues with software). Does anybody know any other options out there or had any experience with the Lowrance system? I have looked for Raymarines Sport Pilot system online for sometime now and have not been able to find a used one anywhere. I am used to the way my boat handles and can keep it fairly straight without really thinking about it anymore but that is only when I am at the helm not one of my buddies, not to mention that going out with just me and one other person is interesting to say the least when a fish is on or we have a double like we did several times last year. LOL Thanks for any advice that you can give me.
  14. Please educate me on this. I have a low range hds7 with built in GPS and have the navionics chip for it. What would be the advantage to having a dedicated chart plotter like this? Always looking for something to help me improve my fishing I don't want to add a gadget just because it would be cool to have a laptop on board. I am assuming that I would have to buy a radar to go along with this in order for that function to work? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  15. Went 3.5 for 7 this morning. Set up in 80 FOW by 5:30 on a north troll. Marked tons of fish but no takers About 7:30 they finally started. High diver went off, got tangled with low diver, lost the fish and my low diver with my only BW speckled dick meat rig. A short time later 300 copper with tangerine Tarzan went off. Lost that one as well. Landed a small steelie on 7 color with hapee meal. Copper went off again and landed a nice hoe. Switch low diver to a mace face and within 30 seconds of having it set picked up a small hoe. Copper went off again but the fish was gone as soon as it hit. Picked up a very small king on the tangerine Tarzan/copper as well. Through him back to grow up. Had a lot of fun and not many fish to clean, not a bad day. The tangerine Tarzan has been my hottest lure this year. No flasher/flies had any action today. The cooler water was all between 60 and 100 feet. Once we went past 100 feet, the water warmed up to 62 degrees and appeared to get warmer the further out we went. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App