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  1. How far back of the Ball were you running your Lures and what was your ground speed
  2. I'm running 20lbs. test. We went out 7/03 and it was terrible, then we went back out the 4th and the Fleas weren't to bad but the Flys tore us apart
  3. That's to bad because I'd change all my reels over to it if it ment I could get rid of those Darn Fleas
  4. We went out 7/3 to 122 FOW straight out, set-up and trolled to 135 and picked a king 90 Down on a Blue Dolfin. Went out 165 FOW and picked up about 12lb. King on Fly-Flasher Combo. Went out 7/4 to same area lasted for about 2 hours and got drove out by flys. All and all had a pretty not bad week-end, weather was great
  5. Fleas Talk about fleas, I ran into them today and had a heck of a time getting them off my line. Is there a easy way to remove them. Thanks
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