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    Boat name = Hope N Water is a 18.5 1992 Bayliner 3.0 Mercruiser with 9.9 Yamaha kicker
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  1. Where are you fishing out of?
  2. Ed, sent you an email. Didn't read this first. Hoping to get out there tomorrow PM
  3. Stay out of my way Sea Eagle, I want some of those!!!!! Maybe we'll see you out there!
  4. Thanks. Hope to be out there on Friday and Saturday. Thanks for the report!!!!
  5. Creekerman

    South Haven 5/17 AM

    Thanks for the report. Hope to be out there Friday and Saturday.
  6. Good to hear you getting them up that way!!!!
  7. Creekerman

    SoHa 5/14

    Thanks much for the report!
  8. Thanks for the great report!
  9. Creekerman

    South Haven 5-12-18 pm

    Thanks for the report!!
  10. Creekerman

    St. Joe pm, 5-8-18

    Is that the Holland cleaning station? Wow. What a catch!
  11. @Copilottruman If you invest in another boat for early and late season use, go outboard. I made the mistake going with an I/O. Not the best outfit for early and late season fishing.
  12. Creekerman


    I like red vermillion Spectra pro 50# on all 18 Big lake reels. Never really had the bleeding problem as mentioned above. Chose red to reduce visibility deeper in the water column.
  13. Creekerman

    Grey fatty layer between meat and skin(salmon)

    @Moby Chromer Checked out your site...nice. How about a cookbook? Even an on-line/on-site version could work
  14. @Copilottruman I've done well enough in past years during the months of Oct and Nov....usually 3-5 fish in a solo outing. Problem is finding the weather-wave conditions appropriate AND time off from work (full time). Didn't get out at all so far in Oct. this year. September has been traditionally the doldrums, but Oct. and Nov. can be decent fishing.
  15. Creekerman

    Grey fatty layer between meat and skin(salmon)

    I keep Salmon, Steelhead, and Lake trout frozen all Winter with considerable success. I skin all these fish with fillet knife, trim out the lateral line fatty layer, and soak at least 8 hours in kosher salt and water (not brine), rinse good, then partially freeze in vacuum seal bags with a capful of lemon juice added. Then vacuum seal them and freeze completely. Never have "fishy" problems when I use this method with fish frozen into the early Spring. I cook all my fish on charcoal throughout the Winter directly on the grill and on one side only. I like to baste my fillets in either; a) maple syrup and melted butter, b) melted butter and a lot of dill seed, or c) honey and lemon mix. No measurements...just mix ingredients to a thickened basting consistency. Usually cook a thicker piece of King Salmon for 10 mins. or thinner Coho fillet for 7-8 mins.