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  1. Creekerman

    PS 8/3 AM

    Crazy 525 copper....but if it works...more power to you. I was out there solo yesterday. landed Coho and 10# King. Lost a big King at the net. All caught on the same rig...Mtn Dew SD and UV yellow meat rig on 2-color SWR 88 feet down to ball.
  2. Creekerman

    Line broke at TX 44 planar board

    I run a braid backer 50#, then about 20-30 feet of 40# mono, then connect my copper or leadcore line with leader to follow. I always attach my tx44 board to 40# mono. Never had a problem with a break-off running that set up for 6 years.
  3. , Long day. Fished 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM before first hit. Went 3 for 5 by 9:30 PM 19# and 14# Kings on green meat rig and Live wire SD (both caught on same line) on 350 copper 11# Steelhead on green ladderback glow Silverstreak plug on 5 color leadcore. Missed simultaneous double on 350 copper with black/glow SD with red/black meat rig, and same green ladderback SS plug on 5 color. Nothing on downriggers. Nothing on any spoons. Green seemed to be the color. All fish caught in 115-165 FOW
  4. Great report...esp. first time!
  5. Where are you fishing out of?
  6. Ed, sent you an email. Didn't read this first. Hoping to get out there tomorrow PM
  7. Stay out of my way Sea Eagle, I want some of those!!!!! Maybe we'll see you out there!
  8. Thanks. Hope to be out there on Friday and Saturday. Thanks for the report!!!!
  9. Creekerman

    South Haven 5/17 AM

    Thanks for the report. Hope to be out there Friday and Saturday.
  10. Good to hear you getting them up that way!!!!
  11. Creekerman

    SoHa 5/14

    Thanks much for the report!
  12. Thanks for the great report!
  13. Creekerman

    South Haven 5-12-18 pm

    Thanks for the report!!
  14. Creekerman

    St. Joe pm, 5-8-18

    Is that the Holland cleaning station? Wow. What a catch!
  15. @Copilottruman If you invest in another boat for early and late season use, go outboard. I made the mistake going with an I/O. Not the best outfit for early and late season fishing.