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  1. 9/12 Whitehall Fished 1pm to 7pm. Started in 120 out to 240. Pulled 1st line at 7pm in 80ft. Full core almost spooled out. Netted her in 70ft. Bloody nose moonshine
  2. reel alpha

    Boat not running right

    Wow, interesting. I guess ill.install a resistor and hope.for the best. Thx
  3. reel alpha

    Boat not running right

    Would this happen all of the sudden? Boat ran fine first 2 years I've had it? No resistors on either engine. Port runs fine, starboard has the issues
  4. reel alpha

    Boat not running right

    It's not water when you're running 2 engines off the same tank and one engine is fine while the other can't get over 3k rpm
  5. reel alpha

    Boat not running right

    Awesome, guess I'll try that
  6. reel alpha

    Boat not running right how that goes.
  7. reel alpha

    Boat not running right

    I'm having the same problem. No anti siphon valve near my gas tank though. Have changed fuel filter/water separator's 3 times. Changed coil. Changed cap, contacts, confenser, plugs, wires. Switched carbs between both engines. Same engine still gives me ****. Under power no problem until 3000 rpm then fouls out unless I can throw it into neutral. If/when I get mine figured out, I'll post the resolution.e
  8. reel alpha


    Generally catch to many fish to take pics of them all. Made for a perfect lunch
  9. reel alpha


    Yesterday's supposed 2-3's turned out to be 6-8 in 120' out of muskegon. 1-4, lost all three off a meat rig 100 back set at 1. Rigger 75 down with MJ SD blue bubble took 8' king
  10. 5-7 85-110' 1 coho rest were kings. Wire diver 90' rigger 40' 2 full cores. Flounder pounder on wire diver, salmon Viagra on rigger and full core.
  11. reel alpha

    Muskegon 7/20

    7-8 this am 100-130 anything green or yellow good luck
  12. reel alpha

    Charter captain

    What does it take to be a licensed capt?
  13. reel alpha

    Muskegon 10-3

    I slip at Great Lakes marina on Muskegon lake. The public launch to the west of our marina has good quick depth. You should be able to launch from their no problem.