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  1. Looks great. Love the walk arounds.
  2. Welcome to the site Jerryn. Where in South Dakota do you catch Salmon?
  3. Nailer

    Ohio deer

    Wow! He looks Very nice.
  4. I'v seen that before also. Not many great lakes guys do it.
  5. I love seeing these post also. Keep up the good work.
  6. Greg, you may want to add what area you live for the local pickup.
  7. Yes that ^^^ 1000' of wire will fit nicely.
  8. Wow! Kevin was not that old. Prayers go out.
  9. Welcome, and some great shots there. Nothing better than fishing with your son. Keep us updated on that great Lake O fishing.
  10. It all depends on the mood of the fish. Long leads are a bit more work, and require a second free hand. I believe it's easier on a bigger boat.
  11. perfect sized boat. On a side note, pick a boat with a windshield. They make a difference here in Michigan.
  12. Nice to here from you Josh. Are you still in the Fire Department?
  13. I would stick to the 16-17' range. I have used my 16.5 Sea Nymp for salmon fishing, and it worked well enough.
  14. Great point Bill. Years ago, I would run a 10' pc of 40# mono at the end of my wire to help take up some of the shock when the fish hit. I forget how I made the connection, but it was likely an Albright Knot? If you where to use an Albright Knot, it would be a good idea to shrink wrap it. The trouble you will run into is when that knot hits the eyelets.
  15. Like Scott mentioned above, they offer little weather protection.
  16. Thanks for the update, and nice job on the january fish.
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