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  1. Hi Roger They have base mounts. I realy want to sell as a pair Thanks Nick
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I went with the stainless guides. I plan on checking them often Nick D
  3. Frogman Is the Big Jon still available? Thanks Nick D
  4. Copper Line Guides I am going to set up a couple of rods with copper a 250 and a 300. I plan on using Blood Run Copper. I have two rods with Stainless guides and two that have Ceramic guides I can use. Is one better that the other? Thanks Nick
  5. Great. If I ever get up to you aera I will give you a call Go you check on Monday but have not got to the bank yet. Nick
  6. The Trees are sold to jmohunts, The Big Jon are still available
  7. Hi Jason Will do just bleft you a voice mail. Will get them out to you as soon as I get your address to send them to. Thanks Nick
  8. Nick Dykhuis 4667 52nd St Holland,MI 49423
  9. Hi Thank you for the inquire but really want to sell them as a set. Thanks Again Nick
  10. Bigjon dual rod holders with ball cradle (616)566-1628 $220 for the pair
  11. Rod holders Mad dock trees for sale. Will work with track (616)566-1628 $50
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