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  1. We talked to you as we were heading out last night. We tried the Saugatuck pier heads and only managed one lake trout. On our way back however we came across a small buck swimming in 35 fow. Strange sight. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Heard that the water on Wednesday was very muddy all the way out to 70 fow from Holland to Saugatuck. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. $400 Raymarine CP370 Digital Sonar unit. Include power cord and installation manual. Used one season. Works great. $400 Raymarine E120 Classic Multi Function Display. Includes all power cords, sun cover, all manuals and a Navionics Western Great Lakes Chart. Upgrading electronics on the boat and won't need these anymore.
  4. Reel Property is in. Thanks Terry. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. I've fished with Pisces Sportfishing a couple of times. They do a great job and are well respected in the area. We caught multiple Striped Marlin both trips. That was 10 years ago but they are still operating multiple boats. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  6. I think august 26 may be the date of the Gold Coast tournament for what it's worth. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  7. Fished from 6-9 out of Holland last night. Ended with three including a 27 lb 7 oz King and a 17 lb King. 105 fow. Kevin's girlfriend meat rig and a white meat rig took the two kings. Low Wire divers back 200 and 140. Missed a few others.
  8. We found a few in 180 fow on Saturday off the sliders. Cohos on blue green peanut flies and a king on the 250 copper with a magnum blue dolphin. Hope u find em.
  9. Went out Thursday night after the rain was done. Put lines down in 175 fow and worked out to 220 before missing one on the rigger 125 down. Kept working out to 260 then started picking up a few. Finished 4 for 6. 3 nice coho and a steelhead. All four fish came on 3 colors. Stinger blue dolphin and a green/blue peanut fly saw all the action. Couldn't get any other rod to fire.
  10. The lake was flat as glass. Not a ripple. Definitely not 3-5'.
  11. Yes. Blue hull with twin outboards. Didn't know that was you behind us.
  12. Thanks for the report Kevin. We ventured out also but headed deep thinking that the east wind may have messed up the Browns. Only had one rip on a two color in 95 fow (silver thin fish). Broke the line after a nice fight. Marked a number of fish at that depth most of the night but didn't see any other action.
  13. Got a late start this morning and wasn't able to find the Browns, just a sheephead near the Saugatuck pier heads. Finally gave up and headed deeper and was able to pick up a couple of lakers to salvage the trip. 50-60 fow on bottom. Green dolphin on a diver and a orange and yellow finn spoon on a 7 color. Despite the slow fishing it was a beautiful day on the water. No place I'd rather be.
  14. Fished between Holland and Saugatuck this evening. Finished 3 for 4. 2 Browns and a Laker. Black and gold stick baits saw most of the action. Fish came between 5 and 15 fow. Water Temp varied between 42-45 degrees most of the way.
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