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  1. Make sure you show your support for the buoy or we won't have it in 2016!
  2. I would say yes, as the wind has shifted and is coming out of the north. Good luck!
  3. We got the right winds all weekend but last night it shifted and it is blowing strong out of the south now. Not only is it warming the water up but it reduces the distance of my casts with smaller spoons (From the north pier that is)
  4. The weather feels right, but the fish just do not seem to be there at the Holland pier. One fish was netted at the south pier tonight, seemed like everyone else was unlucky. It's a bit discouraging but they will come in eventually I'm sure.
  5. Guys, I know I am a new member, but I have been very diligently checking the weather for prime fishing conditions from the pier. As of about 6 p.m. today (9/8), the wind has shifted and is coming out of the NW at about 15 mph. I would suspect that in a few days, if this continues, the fish will start coming in. SO CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULES AND GET EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND!! Spencer
  6. I stopped out to the pier to check out things tonight and get some lines in the water. Meet one nice guy out there trying to hook up with some cats or anything else that was biting. I also went to the fishing cleaning station and talked to two guys that struck out tonight. Pretty obvious that the water is far too warm for any noticeable action in closer to the pier. It sounded like guys were marking fish 50-70 fow, but no concentrations of bait fish near by. Gunna be watching the weather closely as well as this forum so I know when to get out there!
  7. Hi there, I am a second year college student and avid fisherman. I have spent most of my time fishing inland lakes and rivers. I recently got a salmon/trout set up (8'6" rod and reel with good 14 lb mono) and I am looking for tips on targeting these fish! Anything helps!
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