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  1. We successfully use a 8" spin doctor and spoon - usually jr or mini streak for browns and rainbows where we fish in the winter - Lake Jocassee, SC. Much shorter leader 18-24" and usually behind a diver and not the rigger. Usually only one in the spread when we do it. When fishing Lake Michigan we run other things behind the flashers.
  2. Slide divers are also an option that will give you the ability to have extend lead lengths without a long leader that can not be reeled up close enough to net fish without hand lining at the end.
  3. Like the norm, we found 2015 much tougher, fewer kings and smaller fish. Because we come from NC and only fish a couple of periods (this year only 1) our numbers can be skewed. While our fish average "only" dropped from 6.7 to 5.7 it seemed we had to really work and come up with an alternate plan quickly just to put a few fish in the box. If we did not run off shore and have some nice steelhead catches a couple of trips, our total numbers would have been significantly reduced from 2014. Port: Frankfort 2015 9 Trips from 6/28-7/4 Fish: 52-72 5.77/trip Best Trip 16-22, 7/2 AM 20 mile off shore to SW after being blanked for two hours over N Bank Slowest Trip 2-3, 7/3 PM 2 browns between piers after being blanked on N Bank 11 dinks 6 double digit fish Biggest fish: 18# King 4 Browns; 1 Coho; 8 Lake Trout; 23 Kings; 16 Steelhead 2014 9 Trips from 6/12-7/4, 8/30, 8/31 74-104 6.77/trip Best Trips 13-16 on 6/14 AM North side of Saddle 150 FOW; 12-20 7/4 AM North Side of Saddle and west troll off shore Slowest Trip 2-2, 8/30 PM in combat fishing between piers 4 dinks 29 double digits fish Biggest Fish: 19# King 1 Coho; 2 Lakers; 6 Steelhead; 65 Kings
  4. When we are targeting steelhead, we are not run flashers, meat, etc. and yet you still take an occasional lake trout or king - just like you take an occasional steelhead on something when targeting kings, or browns. If you just start just start throwing everything out there from a 3 color with a mini streak to a 11" paddle in front of a meat rig you are actually decreasing your opportunities as not everything plays well together. Sure you may run into a fish or two but the chances of having a big catch will be reduced as many of your lines will not be operating at their optimum. We use 30-35' 20# fluorocarbon leaders on the cores and Cu. That might be a little light, but the I like the action of the 20# over the heavier products with the long leaders. The divers only have about a 6-8' 40# fluoro leader, but they are slide divers that are set back 100' before going down if they are running in the top 30.
  5. Are you targeting steel or just putting out a spread that is covering various levels of the water column? When we are specifically targeting steel, we look for good water and then will work the top 25-30 feet of the water column with six boards and short cores and coppers, plus two braid divers. We will usually run the down riggers deeper but then they will have free sliders in the target zone. Majority of the hits are off the boards. All spoons usually for us, and 3.4 SOG is on the slow end. Usually closer to 4+. Like others have said, small spoons, mini steaks, super slims in orange but like to keep them honest with a green – usually a SS modified NBK in the spread. Halloween is one of our favorites. We have a standard size Halloween that is approaching triple digit fish if not already past the 100 mark. Sometimes they seem to prefer copper plated spoons, especially on darker days. Make sure your hooks are very sharp, and expect some violent hits.
  6. A lot of cold water after the North blow on Tuesday. Fished the GTASFA Wednesday League which was out of Frankfort this week. Ran down to the Hole but water was an icy 38 and no fish on the graph. After about 30 minutes there, decided to just run back to the piers and work the warmer river water. Ended up 4-5, 3 11# kings and a brown. Only boat in there and only boat that did not have lake trout at the weigh-in. A mini streak Orange crush took the brown and a king on 3 color and Halloween took a king on 2 color. DW super slim Pete's Steelie Bait took the third king off the rigger at 16. Tried running the temp break from river water and every time we were coming in off the South wall we took a fish either just before the pier or just inside the pier heads. Next morning tried the same patter - warmer water had moved to the north pier side but did not have a touch in there. Fueled up the boat and headed off shore about 8 going 16-22, our 3 man limit just after noon on Lake Trout (6) and Steelhead 10 - (one small 10" throwback that got us started out there). Orange crush and Halloween - super slims NBK, Pink Panties, and Orange Golden Icicle 2-5 colors.
  7. We were running four boards, two divers and two riggers with free sliders on this trip. Pretty typical set up for us.
  8. No - it is a Dreamweaver Glow Frog - White Belly with the sun reflecting off the tape in the photo. First time I have run it. Put it on as a low light change up - took a couple fish. Here is a snap of it:
  9. We were 26-37 (6 Steelhead, 2 Lakers, Coho, 17 Kings) over the three days. Largest king was 18#. Nothing fast, just picking away at them, and no real strong patter other than all spoons for us. One trip it will be riggers and free sliders, next slide diver, and next time cores and coopers off the boards. If I could get them all working at the same time we could have something. Have not had a hit on a spinney/paddle. Have not run meat. Surface temp about 58 – Three degree break to 52 at 45 – 44 degrees at 70. Strong N blow expected tonight (Tuesday) so expect changes. Evening low light bite has been the most consistent but not spectacular. Area 51 on the slide diver and standard size RV Blue Flounder Pounder on free slider probably the most consistent. Other Moonshines spoons on low light bite as well. Orange on short cores off shore. 300 Cu with Modified Blue Dolphin took biggest king. Fished 150-200 North – some fish between Saddle and Green but sporadic. One morning had all our hits before 6 AM. Picked up and ran over to 6 mile and marked a lot of Lake Trout but could not get them to go. Same thing in West Platte Bay – my lake trout program sucks! Next morning did not have a hit North and finally pulled at 7:30 to run off shore 15 miles were we picked away at some steelhead in a small trash area. Fished down in the hole on Monday night. Mark more fish there and took our best king. Also was working tighter to the bank in 65-70 FOW.
  10. We fished Frankfort for three days in June 13-15 and three in July 2-4 and took 74 fish, 22 were on a Black Screwball. Usually only had one in a 8-10 spread, and occasionally two. June it was good in the standard size, July they wanted mag. That spoon pattern has been one of our best for us the last six seasons.
  11. Fish stayed consistent for us. Similar program as previous Frankfort thread. 10-15 on Thursday night with Black Screwball on the rigger still very good. 12-20 AM on the 4th. After taking a quick five on the early bite, turned west and found big temp break. 65 on the surface and 42 at 30’. High lines started firing as we came into that water. 200 CU with Pink Alewife, then Halloween on 4 color with mix bag of steel, kings & lagers. Changed over to orange on short cores and divers running between 20 & 30. Had good action until losing the break as you continue to head west. Surface moves from 65 to low 40’s.
  12. Fished Frankfort 7/2 PM and 7/3 AM. Took two man limit each time fishing north. PM trip we were 10-13 with a nice #19 before we were set up off the slide diver at 199 and a Black Fin Tuna. White Screwball was our best off the rigger at 85. White 8†paddle and Blue/Green Dolphin Eye Fly at 65 took several as did the Double Blue Eye Ghost behind an 11†Blue Bubble paddle on wire diver at 225. Green flounder pounder at dusk nailed a couple as a change up for the BFT. Only one rip off a board and that did not hook up. AM trip 10-14 that started with a double off both divers and then another double off the 200 CU with Pink Alewife and 4 Color with Michael Jackson. P/F off rigger took a fish so we had five before 7. Then went two hours only one hit. Finally made it back to where the fish were earlier, and had changed out the white screwball for black. It went five times with four boated and 300 CU with RV Green Flounder Pounder finished us up about 9:45. Key for us was finding the 47* water. Temp dropped down about 10’ from when we started, and as soon as we dropped down there we started taking fish again.
  13. 6/13 PM Fish never took off. Worked hole and ended 3-5, all little fish. Not much happening from anybody. 6/14 AM Did not want to mess with the dinks, south so we went north. Had the bank to our self in glass like conditions. Worked in & out from 150. Finished 13-16, 10 kings, 3 steelhead. All the kings were between 8-14. Black screwball off riggers at 60 & 65 took six. Mix veggies – 5 color, Holloween – 4 color, Pink Panties – 300 wire all took multiple fish. Sexy Veggies SS on 7 color took a fish. Only one hit on a p/f early and loss that fish, only diver hit all morning.
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