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  1. I upgraded to a Boston Whaler 285 Conquest this year and I like it a lot. On my older Lund 1850 Tyee I used my Minn Kota electrical trolling motor to give me a great spot lock performance for vertical jigging. It's difficult to stay over a spot with my new boat. I have joystick piloting and with my Mercury 403 Vessel View I have a skyhook feature which hold the boat position and direction. While it works, the motors (twin Verado 250hp) run quite a bit and churn the water up with lots of noise. It's not a very nice jigging experience. If I upgraded to the 500 or 700 series I could have their Bow Hook feature. It would be an expensive upgrade and I have no idea how effective it will be. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with Bow Hook for jigging. Please let me know how it works. Does it reduce the amount and aggressiveness of the engines running? Thanks for any advice available.
  2. We have been catching lots of Ciscos in East Grand Traverse Bay. Here are a few with four Lake Trout in the middle for good measure. Note that a couple a very big.
  3. Launched out of Elk Rapids at 8:30 and went looking to jig for Cisco. First three spots close to the harbor in 40 to 60 FOW didn't yield anything. Some fish were there but no bites. Went out to my favorite Lake Trout spot and caught one jigging but moved around quite a bit and couldn't get another bite. After that we tried trolling in shallow water, 15 to 20 ft, with flat lines, one color and three color lead core and stick baits. Zip, zilch, nada. No fish in shallow. It must be too late. The water was 64 degrees on the surface. We then tried jigging in some more likely spots further North. Caught two Cisco and a 26 inch Lake Trout to round out the morning. We finished with two each Cisco and Lake Trout. Much slower day than our last trip out.
  4. Great drone shots! They really give a big feel to the presentation.
  5. The best place to shop for DYI canvas work is Sailrite. http://www.sailrite.com/ I've bought tools and sewing machine and made a front cover for my Tyee to keep the water from coming in on rough days. They have all of the tools and snaps you need.
  6. What a difference a few days makes. On Monday the 10th we marked many fish and hooked three Kings. Today they seem to all have disappeared. No marks, no bites and little action. Caught a nice 26 inch Lake Trout but no Kings. There were no Kings in the cleaning station either. It seems that the fish on Monday were passing through. The one I caught on Monday was a natural reproduction King salmon.
  7. Set up in front of the port at 6:15 in 100 FOW and trolled west and then South once past North Point. Lost a King on a wire std dipsey on 1 1/2 setting 130 feet back running a Moonshine yellow flounder std glow spoon. Lost a king on a 225 ft copper and Moonshine Mongolian Beef RV spoon due to difficulties getting the planer board to come up to the surface. After finally getting it up and in to the boat, the King came of about halfway in. It was a very acrobatic fish jumping out the the water several times while the planer board was still on. Landed a 14 lb King on the rigger down 100 ft using a small spin doctor and white & silver fly. Landed two Lake Trout on the riggers with flasher fly set ups. One was a nice 26 1/2 inch female. Not many Kings caught judging by the barrels in the cleaning station.
  8. East Bay 7-22-2015 Went out at 5:15 looking for Kings out of Elk Rapids. Didn't find any but took our limit of Lake Trout. First ones coming on Salmon type lures, Flasher & fly, Moonshine RV spoon and even a Big Weenie meat rig. Later fish were caught on the traditional cowbells and peanut. Fish hanging around 60 to 80 ft down in water 80 to 90 ft deep.
  9. I'd be interested in more details.
  10. Great Photos! Love the release shots.
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