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  1. Coming over there this weekend from across the state for the weekend. I can't wait! I'll be putting a fire tiger blade on tonight and hopefully we can catch some of those tasty walleyes. Thanks again.
  2. Nicely done. I'm thinking one more trip if the weather will allow it this weekend. Thanks for the Muskegon report.
  3. How do you guys get the thumbs up thanks to show up in your replies at the bottom? I can't seem to figure that one out?
  4. 3 or 4 seems to be our number too this year, at least it isn't 0.
  5. Started in 120 South of Muskegon at 5:30 pm last night and had three hits right away. We ended up getting 5 fish and had 9 hits, 4 kings and 1 steelhead. Last time I was out was two weeks ago and we never even had a hit so having 9 hits was a welcome change. Lost the big one that broke off and is swimming around with a $40 meat rig in his mouth. 50'-75' down was the best for us. We fished 110-140 FOW pretty much the whole night. Northwest troll took almost all the hits except for the big one we lost, that was on a South troll. SOG was 2.65 - 2.99 mph. All our hits came on paddle fly and meat rigs, we couldn't get a spoon to go. Dipsy's set on 2 1/2 and back 180 - 210 was really good, 300 copper took a couple of rips, full core took our biggest king of the night which was about 15lb. We did manage to catch one fish on a rigger 70' down on a paddle fly but other than that the riggers were quite. I snapped my anchor light when I went to install it so we quickly pulled lines and headed for the piers right at dusk. Wished we could have stayed for another 30 minutes. Good luck, hopefully it is a nice weekend.
  6. Flying insect killer. You can spray it on your boat (not on you) and when they land on it they die. It won't get them all but some satisfaction is had by seeing some of them buggers dead.
  7. Thanks for the deep report, sounds similar to what we did in shallower but all our fish were small. Any big ones?
  8. Set lines in 80 FOW at 5:00 am just South of the pier heads. Set up on a North troll and picked one up right away on a glow spoon 65' down on rigger, I believe the spoon is called Mongolian beef. Put it right back down and bang we caught another. We decided to turn around and picked up another on a UV paddle with a hypnotist glow fly on a dipsy set on 2, 150 back. Why I didn't stay right there was probably a mistake. I went back to the Northwest troll and that's when the crickets started chirping until about 8am when we finally ran into a few fish out in 140'. Picked one up there on a full core with a uv gator spoon, another on a 5 color core with a hot lobster spoon. Last fish was a 12 lb laker on the rigger down 70', the laker hit a green and white meat rig. First five were all small kings. Our speed was 2.7 - 2.9 on the surface. Finished 6-7 and had a nice morning on the water.
  9. Thanks guys. My call out is Green Machine. Hope to see you guys on the water soon. Going tomorrow, hopefully the fishing picks up a bit.
  10. Joined last fall but never did say hello, so hello. I really like this site and find it very useful. Names Pat and I primarily fish out of Muskegon on the weeknights. I fish out of an 18.5' Crestliner. Going Saturday am if the weather is good and can't wait. I've been struggling this year on putting fish in the cooler though and hoping it will turn around.
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