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  1. We went north after the lightning and rain yesterday. The cloudy rainy conditions had us hopeful that the bite may still be happening. Had 60° surface temp and 48° down 60'. Started at the bath house in 160fow, moved just off the bank to 105', turned around at 05. Marked a few fish and bait balls but did not get hit once . Maybe our presentation could have been different. Reg sized spoons on riggers back 30 and 50 one down at break and one on bottom, meat on mag dipsies set on 3 with SDs and teasers back 130 and 175, spoons on boards with 150 and 250 copper, 300 CU down the chute. Sog 2.5-3.2 , N track then back S. 1mph S current. Zigged zagged W-E going S.
  2. Do we know if there are going to be nets around Ludington this year?
  3. Excellent job on the videos. Great shots on the pole and very good editing.
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