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  1. How long will fish and other things last in the freezer vacuumed packed instead of just putting it in a freezer bag?
  2. I took my boat over to the Ludington City Marina today just to get the boat in the water before the winds got bad. Plan on going back over on Friday to stay on the boat through next Sunday, looking forward to seeing 15 foot waves!
  3. Most lights are not much help for navigating after dark except for spotting pier heads and docks. Your gps, and radar are best used after dark. Keeping everything as dark as possible helps your night vision to see other boats running lights. I have spots mounted on the front of my boat, but for the reasons above. I also have flood lights mounted under the rear downrigger railing for out the back of the boat, I use these lights for after dark fishing. They light up the water and I can see the planer boards as well as the tips of my rods on the downriggers, but since the light is behind the boat it doesn't affect my night vision.
  4. Looking for a good recipe for smoked salmon patties that don't have a lot of carbs. Going to smoke up my fish in the freezer before I head over to Ludington to fish between the 4th and 12th of September. Thanks
  5. I like the way he stores his tackle on the stern. Nice fishing area.
  6. I would like some information on those camera glasses if possible. Thanks.
  7. Don't say "man, I think we are going catch alot fish today" when you are at the dock getting ready to head out.
  8. What about running sliders on the downriggers?
  9. I've got a mannequin from a department store, I just put her in the passenger seat and run 6 lines. Not much for conversation though.
  10. Good job Matt, it can be tough sitting around waiting for the weather to cooperate.
  11. I want diesels avatar.
  12. Got on the water at 3 p.m. and went west to 220' of water and took a north troll. Temp break at about 90' down, middle 40's. Trolled to the stick and went 5 for 7 along the way. 1 steelhead, 1 coho that went about 8#, 1 laker and 2 kings. 3 of the 5 came on a JP Slammer Orange Crush on a 5 color. Didn't mark many fish, all fish caught came on a north troll with the wind and waves at our back. Fishing was quite slow all over from what I heard.
  13. Why don't you like the wire? It is my favorite rig to catch fish on.
  14. My guess would be that you are overloaded on the left side (fuel tank?) If you have trim tabs on the boat you can equalize the offset load.
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