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  1. My first season I ran 30# mono with mag dipseys, nothing tougher than reeling in 250' mag dipsey that you can't trip. Going to wire took care of that problem nicely.
  2. You can probably get cables and plugs right from Big Jon, they would possibly make to your specs.
  3. My problem was the weight of the reel spinning the dipsey rod around and messing up the roller alignment. Drilled a hole across the bottom of the rodholder after determining location of the reel, put in a bolt small enough for the gimbaled end of the rod butt to fit over and killed two birds with one bolt. Rod doesn't spin in the holder, and the bolt helps lock the rod in place.
  4. I used these releases on all 4 downriggers last summer and they are the best I have used yet with one problem. When trying to run flashers/flys or meat rigs deep, I cannot keep the releases from tripping, haven't figured out how to overcome that. A little stronger magnet would probably do the trick.
  5. I would not buy the Blue Diamond rods because of breakage issues, spend a little more for the Okuma Great Lakes roller rods. Same roller system as the Shimano rods but only about $150 per rod.
  6. Nothing is better than a big king banging on a wire line, you will really get a kick out of it.
  7. I couldn't find the edit button, so I am replying to myself, I have the truck and plow listed elsewhere for $25,000.00 for the truck and $3,500.0 for the plow, so I will need to change the pricing on this ad so that it reflects the other ads. Sorry for the trouble.
  8. I am looking to sell my 2006 3/4 ton Extended Cab Chevy with the Duramax/Allison combination. The truck just hit 100,000 miles and is in excellent shape, dealer maintained. Brand new tires Fiberglass topper and sprayin bedliner (Linex) Undercoated and rustproofed SS step bars Vinyl flooring XM Radio and Onstar Delete Power drivers seat Power windows, locks and keyless entry Redundant steering wheel controls Asking $25,000 OBO Also just put an AirFlo Stainless Steel blade 8' plow on this fall to plow my storage units and warehouse out. Used about 8 times for personal use only, no commercial plowing. I paid $4,000 installed for the unit, but it will cost $1,200.00 to install a new mounting bracket on the new truck (changes to the frame means I can't swap the bracket) I will sell the plow with the truck for $3,500 extra if interested. pm me or I can be reached by cell - 231-598-0473. I am looking to move into the 2011 model year, same truck and engine.
  9. Just buy one of their dvd's, same information you would get at the seminar with the exception of the answers to questions you would miss out on.
  10. I have never tried for browns, is the fishing any good in Ludington for them in the spring?
  11. I would try to make the Ludington outing.
  12. I run copper lines on one side of the boat, and the leadcore off the other side.
  13. I run 1 meat rig off my deepest downrigger, when I run more than one the rigs don't seem to be as effective. I used to run them off a wire dipsey, but I felt there was too much drag from the large flasher, even when I run off the downrigger I use a rubber band on the release. This setup seemed to run best in July through the first part of August out of Ludington. Then after that the meat rig bite went away.
  14. The hardest hits and the biggest fish I caught this last summer came off Black Mamba Glow with the red teasers using cut bait off the deep downrigger at 140' - 150' feet down. The fish hit so hard they were breaking the treble hooks in their mouth. There were days I couldn't keep it in the water. The only problem is running that deep you lose fish trying to get the slack reeled in to set the hook.
  15. When it costs $400 to go out for the day it's tough to do that on a regular basis. I would like to get a bigger boat with a 12' beam, but then I would probably have to turn the fishing into a paying proposition like a charter captain.
  16. There has been a very nice 42' ? SeaRay for sale at the Ludington City Marina the last couple of years. Charter boat named SNAFU, gotta love that name. Completly decked out with all the gear and very low hours. I had to ask him the price, think he was asking 150.
  17. What method are you going to use to get rid of the SeaRay?
  18. I have this system operating on my boat, using Hummingbird radio and GPS/Fishfinder. I talked to the Coast Guard in Ludington 2 summers ago when I hooked the system up to find out if the Coast Guard monitors this type of signal and at that point they did not in Michigan. They said Wisconsin did, but given that this signal is line of sight, the probability of them receiving the signal from our side of Lake Michigan was not good. I have not checked lately to see if this has changed, but I hope it has. The ability to transmit an SOS with your coordinates is invaluable.
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