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  1. Looks like it waiting for a name.
  2. The Thompson I owned had a 470 Merc in it. Nice running motor, only problem is they used a water cooled voltage regulator, I was fishing one day and the water pump did not flow enough water through regulator and it caught on fire, good thing I had a fire extinguisher on board. That thing went up like a roman candle, cost $1,000.00 to get repaired. They used a closed cooling system because of the aluminum block.
  3. I have used the jumbo Kwikfish with rattle with a little success, blue with the yellow accent.
  4. Just out of curiosity, why so many rod holders? What do you use them all for?
  5. If you bought them new, there should be a depth chart included in the package. Use those numbers for starters.
  6. Last summer I packed some precut herring strips in tuna with some cloves of garlic in it. It seemed not to do as well (as in nothing) compared to just running the salted herring strips. How do you guys do with the tuna mix?
  7. I'll just keep hitting the Jack, when I'm unresponsive go ahead and pull it out.
  8. I have taken downriggers to a shop that rebuilds starters, alternators and electric motors. Seems to be a cost effective way to service the motors and wiring.
  9. I think the thing to keep in mind that no matter what autopilot a person uses, it will have limitations based on engine rpm at trolling speed. There will be days that the wind and or waves will force you to steer manually. I have twin screws, and when it starts getting rough I will fire up the second motor to help keep the boat squared up. If it gets to the point that both screws can't keep the boat straight at trolling speed, it's time to go in.
  10. I have been using UV flashers with flies on my wire dipseys with good results.
  11. I call that backing up the truck, kills it every time.
  12. "That dickhead better pay attention to what he is doing" me.
  13. I was told that by running smaller lures on the lines closer to the boat and progressively increasing the size of your presentations as you move farther away from the boat mimics a bait school with larger fish following, which may induce other larger fish to feed. Anyone do this, or have comments.
  14. My dad passed away just before thanksgiving, this is a good one to remember him by.
  15. That sounds good until you combat fish and have to try and manage 10 lines by yourself. I would love to see 15 or 20 boats in a bunch and have that go on.
  16. That looks like something that would be good for fishing in Alaska, bet it holds up better when you bump the seawall.
  17. I like it when I don't have my glasses on.
  18. As soon as the rod comes out of the holder I back the drag off and let the fish run, sometimes they will strip off 200' of wire. Then I start working it in, progressively tightening the drag until they are close then loosen up the drag a touch in case it makes a turn when it sees the boat. Patience is the key. I also just started running 2-12" snubbers behind the dipsey to give the fish a little more give, it seems to help.
  19. I will be staying on my boat at the Ludington City Marina from this Saturday, the 3rd through the following Saturday, the 10th weather etc. permitting. If anyone wants to get together to go fishing and maybe share expenses, you can text me or call my cell @ 231-598-0473
  20. Started on the water at 1:30 and went s.w. to 150 fow then turned north to the bank and got there just about 7:00 p.m. Prior to getting to the bank went 2 for 5 with a 12# steelhead and a 8# king. Just before dark had a real fire drill, by the time we had the fish in all the rods were out of the water so we called it quits. 2-20# kings, 1-18# king, 1-16# king and 3 around 8-12#. Took a couple of friends and their boys out, had a blast. Everything seemed to work except meat rigs, no hits.
  21. I have found that the Dipsey firetiger Mag always catches more fish regardless of what lure is on behind it.
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