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  1. They are using the Etec technology in their snowmobiles now and they do very well as far as gas mileage and low oil consumption. Their emissions are less than most 4 strokes.
  2. Try tapping the starter with a hammer to try and free it if it is engaged.
  3. If you shot a buck and walked up on it to tag it and it was trying to get up, I bet you still wouldn't try to tag it. If you have ever put your hand in a net to grab a live 15# steelhead or salmon and had it drive the treble into your hand, you will only have it happen once.
  4. I bought a wooden handle to a framing hammer, wrapped the bottom with electrical tape and drilled a hole across the bottom and tied a cotton line through it to wrap around my wrist. I smack them across the back of the head before reaching into the net (learned the hard way!) I think that is the part I like best about salmon fishing, wacking them across the head, very satisfying.
  5. If you couldn't find the parts, could you upgrade the ignition and eliminate that problem?
  6. What do you like to use to hook up a dipsey?
  7. I like to use uni to uni knot whenever possible, it also works well to mend the Torpedo wire when you have to cut out a frayed section so you don't have to waste the wire line. Use this knot when tying leadcore to leader or backing as well.
  8. On a motor that size, I think a trolling plate would be more trouble than it is worth.
  9. They were about $30.00 a piece at Jay's.
  10. I was in Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare the other day and saw that the Church Walleye Board has a jumbo size for copper and leadcore. Anyone seen or tried?
  11. I wonder how big that 22#er would have been in August?
  12. Use the publication Wheeler Dealer, 6 months statewide with picture and Internet ad for about $100.00.
  13. Hey, how bout some pictures of the new boat?
  14. Next time you go to another auction like that, let me know I'd like to tag along!
  15. My first season I ran 30# mono with mag dipseys, nothing tougher than reeling in 250' mag dipsey that you can't trip. Going to wire took care of that problem nicely.
  16. You can probably get cables and plugs right from Big Jon, they would possibly make to your specs.
  17. My problem was the weight of the reel spinning the dipsey rod around and messing up the roller alignment. Drilled a hole across the bottom of the rodholder after determining location of the reel, put in a bolt small enough for the gimbaled end of the rod butt to fit over and killed two birds with one bolt. Rod doesn't spin in the holder, and the bolt helps lock the rod in place.
  18. I used these releases on all 4 downriggers last summer and they are the best I have used yet with one problem. When trying to run flashers/flys or meat rigs deep, I cannot keep the releases from tripping, haven't figured out how to overcome that. A little stronger magnet would probably do the trick.
  19. I would not buy the Blue Diamond rods because of breakage issues, spend a little more for the Okuma Great Lakes roller rods. Same roller system as the Shimano rods but only about $150 per rod.
  20. Nothing is better than a big king banging on a wire line, you will really get a kick out of it.
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