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  1. How do you think the weather this week will affect the depth at which we should be fishing?
  2. Plan on going out Saturday a.m., do you think 100' to 150' would be a good plan? Not really interested in catching the ones running to the river, the younger ones are fine. If you can lend some input, it would probably help make our day more productive, and would be appreciated!
  3. My dad and I went out Saturday a.m. in about 170 fow in front of the lighthouse north of Ludington. Caught 2 off downrigger about 70 feet down using lemon ice spoon, caught the third on a new spoon I am not sure of the name of (yellow, blue, green and orange holographic. Cool looking spoon) at about the same depth. Had these 3 in the boat by about 8:30, then nothing else the rest of the day. I did have a new net come apart and lost the business end to the bottom. Lucky I had another net on board. Kind of sucks, spent $60.00 on that bugger. Other than that, great day to be fishing.
  4. Went 5 for 9 Saturday a.m. out of Ludington. We had a little trouble getting fish in the boat first thing but got it figured out after we lost the first 4. We were fishing in 100 to 140 fow north of Ludington at the bathhouse. Caught 2 on holographic blue dolphin spoon, 2 on Ludington Watermelon Jplug and one on #16 Kwickfish in color Scratch. Had a nice one break off 27# lead core, 10 colors off the back with a orange crush spoon.. Sort of feel sorry for that fish having to drag that load around. Am trying to post a couple of pictures to this thread, one of the fish we caught and one of the new SeaRay Amberjack that I just had relettered. Will see if I can get it right. All in all, beautiful day to be on the water, weather was great!
  5. I would like to be a field tester, sounds like a lot of fun.
  6. I am having trouble adding pictures to my albums. I cannot find the upload pictures button on the album page. Can you give me a hint. Thanks. Tony
  7. I was wondering if it was possible to forward threads to other people via email. The thread about the young man and his family going on the fishing trip to Alaska was very nice with some wonderful pictures that I would like to forward on to my son. Can this be done?
  8. I am new to fishing the great lakes this year, and so my knowledge is very limited, I just bought the Kwikfish because it looked like the shape would give a different look in the water, and the colors in the rattle version looked pretty good. I ordered more this weekend, and I hope to give them a try this coming weekend if they get here in time.
  9. It's funny you should ask, last week I read one of the posts where a new subtroll unit was installed and indicated about a .5 mph difference between the gps reading and the subtroll. I have been trolling at about 2.5 by the gps since I don't have subtroll and haven't been having much luck. I sped up to 3 to 3.5 mph and that seemed to make a difference.
  10. Went north to the lighthouse out of Ludington early Saturday morning. Put down a Kwikfish in color 585 Scratch in the large size, and before we could get the second line in the water the rigger tripped. Must have been a good sized fish, he broke the 30# test before we could tire him out. I ordered 2 more of the Kwikfish in the same pattern today. We lost another later in the morning on a Sling Blade Dodger in color Glow Rainbow with a Blue Dolphin spoon. Around noon we picked up a nice 7-8# coho on an Orange Crush spoon running off a half core of lead flat lined off the back of the boat. Around 3 in the afternoon we landed a 10# and a 16# king off Blue Spatterback Silver Hoard plugs. So we went 3 for 5 and had a wonderful day. That 1987 Sea Ray Amberjack hardtop I just bought got it's first trip out, what a nice boat to fish out of.
  11. I am a little confused regarding the use of copper and lead line for Salmon fishing. As near as I can determine, a series of different size dipsy divers would accomplish as much without the expense of additional reels, wire etc. Can you explain? Thanks Tony
  12. I have uploaded3 pictures of the boat in the album section of my profile. If you cannot find them, send me your email address and I will forward them on to you. I forgot to list a snap on mooring cover that comes with the boat Thanks Tony
  13. Thanks Mike, I will get to work on some pictures. Tony
  14. Good afternoon, I am new to this site, but I am really impressed as a new fisherman how much information is to be found here. I just bought a 1987 SeaRay Amberjack 270 hardtop for Lake Michigan fishing, and I am putting the other up for sale. 1980 Thompson Fisherman II, 20' with tandem trailer. -New bottom paint and the outdrive has been repainted -Canvas with zip in side curtains (no camper canvas) -Cuddy cabin with space for porta potti -Seats 6 (boat was originally used in Lake Erie for walleye) -2 fire extinguishers -compass( I took off the new Hummingbird 917 that I just put on, there are 2 units on the SeaRay I bought, maybe one of those can be used on this boat) -Mercruiser 470 (170hp) new plugs, points, condenser, coil and water cooled voltage regulator. Uses about 1.5 gallons per hour at trolling speed. -60 gallon gas tank about 1/2 full -trailer has new wheel bearings, new tires and spare, new brake pads, new lights and wiring. -2 electric downriggers are included (2 more are available for a reasonable price. -an aluminum downrigger/rodholder mounting plate for across the transom is included -there are 6 flush mount rod holders on the boat. -the outdrive was removed last fall, serviced and lubed professionally. -new trolling plate with extra shear pins -platform outside of transom made from red cedar and electrostatically coated brackets to mount your fish cooler Asking price: $5,500.00 I have been fishing out of this boat all summer, and it runs like a top, no problems. If you have any questions, I can be reached at 231-734-2216, my cell 231-598-0473 or throught this website. Thanks, Tony
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