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  1. The problem I had was using eyelets with ceramic inserts, the knot connecting the copper to the leader or the backing would eventually knock the insert out causing problems. A solid eye is necessary I bought some of the Okuma copper rods, and they work well.
  2. Your camera takes nice pictures, what are you using?
  3. You can tell he is not from Michigan.
  4. I don't know about the imitation rigs, but cut bait was my hottest setup this summer, especially the Black Mamba Glow with the red teasers.
  5. I guess I can't remember exactly what the pressure gauges read, I think that when the needle on the gauge is straight up it is at 40# which is what the port motor is running at, the starboard is running about 10# less than that at idle but picks up as more power is applied. As far as oil pumps go, can they cause low pressure, or is it that they either work or don't?
  6. The motors are very clean, no leaks or rust. They almost look new. They both run excellent, I just noticed this summer that the starboard engine oil pressure seemed to be running a little on the low side compare to the other engine. Neither engine uses any oil, so my first thought is just the hours on the starboard motor is the reason. I would be disappointed if I lost a motor during the season so I thought I would start exploring my options.
  7. The motors have Thunderbolt ignitions, and if I read the manual right they do not have points and condensers, but I have never visually verified that. Not even sure what type of ignition this is.
  8. Fuel injection would be a nice upgrade
  9. Those motors are a little wack price wise, but the remanufactured engines don't look too bad pricewise. It's funny, my neighbor just put a GM 350 crate motor in his pickup, and I don't think he paid over $1,500.00 for a brand new motor.
  10. This question should get some responses that will help in my decision making. The 1984 Searay I own has two Mercruiser 205's that are in original condition. Both motors run well and do not use any oil. The hourmeters on both engines were disconnected so I have no idea how many hours are on them, although the starboard motor that has the power steering probably has most of the trolling hours. To be proactive I would like to have both rebuilt or replaced with crate motors. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of each process as well as the cost comparison would be appreciated. Also, where to take to have the work done that would do a professional job first thing in the spring. Thank you in advance..
  11. I have been using 30#, 9 strand torpedo wire. Easy to tie, but it gets frays in it every once in a while that have to be cut out, but I just use a uni to uni knot to splice it back together.
  12. The best thing about autopilot is that it allows you to focus on the fishing instead of the driving. Once you fish with autopilot you will never want to go without one.
  13. I have found that a loose drag, letting the steelhead take all he wants until he tires out then slowly start tightening the drag bit by bit to bring him in works best for me.
  14. If you run the antifreeze through the outdrive, do you still open the drainage petcocks on the motors to drain the block and stuff?
  15. This time year would be best to buy, most sellers have given up.
  16. I would think that a good boat policy would cover that, just like car insurance covers fender benders.
  17. There are some nice fellows in the Ludington City Marina, I met Keith, the Captain of Lies A Lot and I think he would do a good job plus he is friendly and talkative.
  18. Yeah, look what happened on Jurrassic Park when they engineered the Dinosaurs to be female!
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