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  1. I feel the most important part of radar is using it to navigate in fog and in the dark, you cant be without it. Can't do that with radar from a phone.
  2. The only problem I have is ruining the hooks trying to get them out after the fish has swallowed the whole thing, when they hit a meat rig they take it all the way.
  3. I have left extra in the freezer over the winter that had been frozen/thawed a number of times. I thought the strips looked so bad I almost threw them away, but I tried them and the fish didn't seem to mind at all.
  4. Same here, haven't had a break off yet.
  5. I use the Black Mamba GLOW with the red and black twinkies and meat head, some days I can't keep it in the water. It is by far the best meat rig I have used.
  6. A friend gave me some canned salmon last year and it was enjoyed by all. I am thinking about buying a pressure cooker to try canning my own. Anyone have any experience, and/or canning recipes?
  7. The Ludington City Marina is very reasonable, and they are the closest to the big lake.
  8. They were in the boat when I bought it, I think I have seen them in West Marine or Overtons. I think it is called DryDeck and they snap together.
  9. Finally got the Big Bobber back after having mechanical and body work done, as well as replacing the teak in the back of the boat with Plastic wood and having the aluminum rail refurbished. Also added a set of Big Jon trees that I purchased from Tony at Lord of the Riggers, very nice by the way.
  10. I am looking to add a pair of 3 or 4 rod trees for my planer board rods. What are some good options, and who has the best prices? I have looked at the Big Jon models online and I like the options they have like being able to rotate or remove the tree when not in use, but I would like to find out about other manufacturers products.
  11. I had a pleasant experience today. Last trip out last year my radar quit working, a couple of weeks ago I finally got it sent in to Furuno out on the West Coast and it came back today with no invoice or explanation of what the problem was. I called tech service and they said they had to replace a reed switch that was bad, and they put a newer model drive motor in that they said will give a significantly better return on my screen. I thought, oh man this is gonna hurt, but they said no charge and thank you for choosing Furuno. Don't hear that enough anymore.
  12. Man, those kings sure seem to be big for this time of year. What is August going to bring?
  13. I bought a Hummingbird, very well priced and it interfaces with my Hummingbird 900 series sonar/plotter. You can purchase direct from Hummingbird.
  14. Spend a little extra and buy one with the snag proof netting, or buy the netting separate. Lot easier to get the hooks out of the netting.
  15. How well do you think the powder coating will hold up, I have a couple of things for the boat back in the fishing area that I was thinking of having done.
  16. I am glad I wasn't the only one wondering about the shape, was afraid I was going to have to make an appointment with a therapist.
  17. The darkening can come from ingredients like Soy sauce, liquid smoke etc. You do not have to add sugar to the brine unless you like a sweet taste. For a low carb brine try using fresh herbs and spices, fresh garlic, lemon and onion. Add all ingredients and bring to a boil to blend the flavors, then cool with ice before adding your fish. Smoke at around 160 degrees for 5-6 hours with a mild wood soaked in water.
  18. I don't think it would be a good idea to smoke fish without brining first, the salt is what keeps you from food poisoning as a result of cooking at a low temp. for long periods of time.
  19. You might want to look at the one Mike has for sale, the 270 Amberjack. I have the same boat only in a hardtop and I have been on Mike's boat. Twin V6 economical and more than enough power.
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