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  1. Thank you Steve. That is a great point. So no lights in front except the red/green. But I will do plans for the back lights. I do have to figure out where to mount them as I do not have a top on the boat.
  2. Adam, do you have a two system battery? or you are using the starting battery? Thanks for your help
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I am getting all of information I need to get the boat ready for the big lake for next year. I would still like to get out on lake with somebody who is willing to teach me salmon fishing 101. So far on my list: 1. GPS / Fish finder 2. Fixed mount radio 3. Fire extinguisher 4. Flood lights for the back of the boat. 5. Spot light 6. Second battery Thanks again.
  4. Thank you Tony for the info, do you have any pics of your flood lights on the back of the boat?
  5. Do you use the outboard battery or is it a separate battery?
  6. Thank you Bill for clearing that for me. I do have the red/green and the stern light all working. But what about getting on the big lake in the dark and getting on the water? Do you put some headlight or a fog light in the front of the boat to see? I would like to see some pictures if anybody have some to have an idea of what to look for. Thanks again. Mazen
  7. Good point Grant. I can guarantee you that I am a good driver on the road and on the water. And I will definitely have my driver's license on me all the times.
  8. Thank you Ken for the quick and detail response. What is a documented vessel? Is a personal boat count as a documented vessel? If not, do all boats on the big lake need a vessel name? Can I put a name on the boat without documents? Sorry if my questions are stupid, but when the in laws used the boat on the big lake years back, they never had a vessel name on it.
  9. Fellow members; I am new to this site, and I know there is a lot of knowledge here that will put in the right direction. I am getting my 18ft 1969 aluminum Star-craft Holiday with a 75hp Mariner ready for salmon fishing on Lake Michigan. I would like to know what kind of driving lights I need to get me out of the launch to the fishing spot and back in the dark? Front and back of the boat? Do the lights power out of the same motor battery or a separate battery? Question #2l: Is it required by law to have a fixed radio with an antenna in the boat? or would a handled radio be fine? Thanks in advance. Mazen
  10. Nailer, I do not have any friends for the big lake. I would love to get on board with an experienced fisherman to learn the basic set-up.
  11. HI I started fishing when I was given a 1969 Star-craft Holiday from the in-laws. It was seating wide open at the farm for 8 years. Boy, they were happy to get rid of it. It took me weeks to clean it. I redid the floor, seats, carpet and transom. And the motor fired right up. I was excited and happy. Since then, I did some PM on the motor and it runs like a champ. We been fishing the local lakes and it has been a wonderful experience. But now, it is itching me to start fishing for salmon on the big lake. The in-laws had couple manual down-riggers that I got later and I been practicing on Gull lake and I been getting some northern pike, but no salmon or trout. So here I am, begging for some advice of what I need, what the boat needs to be equipped with for the big lake, and the personal experience for the big lake.
  12. Got a 69 Star-craft Holiday from the in-laws with down-riggers. Restored it, with new seats, floor, carpet and transom. I been fishing local lakes and practicing with the down-riggers for couple years.

    Next year, it is time for the big lake and salmon fishing.

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