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  1. A crummy day fishing still beats a good day at work in my book! Way to give it a go on the late season offshore fishing.
  2. I always look at the NOAA buoy web site off Muskegon before I go out and it read .8 waves about 5pm yesterday, so I thought, cool. Well, those were the nastiest .8 waves I've ever seen. I guess I forgot to look at the wave crossing period. Very choppy right out front, so, only took a couple passes there and came back into the channel. Managed to pick up a 10# male king in there on a green j-plug 29' down in 35' of water. Saw 2 other nets go into the water, so, they were in there last night. Not hot and heavy, but, a few for sure.
  3. 1 for 1 last night in a short solo trip out of Muskegon. 16# male king hit a pearl colored j-plug 69' down in 84' of water a little south of pier. Hopefully they're moving in closer and closer each day. They're bound to run up the river eventually.
  4. Well, not a whole lot to report, but, avoided the black and white striped kitty both days...barely. Waited for a little rain to clear on Saturday morning so got a little later start. Fair number of boats out, the lake was pretty agreeable with just 1-2' rollers. Set up in 120', and pretty much stayed in the 120-140' range for the morning. Only taker was a 4 lb laker, 100' down on a rigger, in 138' of water on a yellow flasher with a chrome blue/yellow whirly gig. Made it out Sunday at dawn and there was hardly a ripple on the lake. Maybe 6" waves, if that. Fog never materialized, as forecast, which was nice, too. Set up in 90'. Had a vicious rip on the SWR with a Wonderbread j-plug in 138'. Saw it jumping in the distance and realized it was a steelhead. It quit jumping and it felt like I was pulling in a log. I soon could see that the fish was completely wrapped up in the line. Managed to land it. Nice 8# steelie. Kept heading west as I really wasn't marking much. Had the full core go and the fish had the board buried under the water. Ending up landing it and it was a 6# steelie that hit a Salmon Buster SUV spoon in 165' of water. So, that was it. 3 for 3 on trout this weekend. Still waiting for ol' Mr. King Salmon to show up again...
  5. Ha! Made you look. Nothing to report. Got the big ol' skunk. Fair number of boats out. Beautiful night. Not a whole lot of marks. Fished from 60-110 fow. Didn't sound like too many others out of Muskegon found any fish either. Heard of a 22 pounder caught out of Holland on the radio. Now with the big blow coming for the weekend, doesn't look like I'll be back out until sometime next week. Good luck out there.
  6. 1 for 1 out of Muskegon from 6-8:30pm. Set up in 120', went out to 185', headed back east and picked up an 11# King in 170' on a full core with a Blue Dolphin spoon. That was the only action for me. Third time out this year and the boat has been running great, until last night. Cruising back in about 26-27 mph and everything was fine until the boat just plain died right out in front of the Muskegon pier heads in 50 fow. Two other boats responded to my call for help on the radio and one boat with a father and son team out for a shakedown cruise came out and towed me back in to my marina. Thanks Ryan and son! You guys saved the night for me. Great to see fisherman and boaters helping each other out. Talked to my mechanic this morning and obviously, until he looks at her, he's not sure what it is, but, thinks it could be the ignition module gone bad. Boat turns over but just will not ignite. Mercruiser 3.0 i/O, by the way.
  7. Good job on the fish. I presume this post should read May 24th...?
  8. Good job on the fish. With all the wind lately, I'm itching to get out this weekend. And, I think I need the name of your photographer as he (or she) made that 12# King look like a 20 pounder. At least to me, it looks bigger than 12 pounds in the picture.
  9. Good job on the fish. And, not to create a controversy or be a PITA, but, is it legal to net a fish like you did that was just swimming on the surface? I had an opportunity to do that once with a good sized steelhead, but passed on it as I wasn't sure of the legality of it. Maybe someone can chime in on it that knows the rule. I really couldn't find anything in the Michigan regulations, but, for some reason, I thought you couldn't do it.
  10. Great looking Trophy. I have a Trophy 1952WA and love it. Not trying to be a smart alec or stir anything up, just asking the question...why do you have the 2 boats? I almost just did the same thing but didn't pull the trigger on a 14' Sea Nymph with a 9.9 Mercury OB and a electric trolling motor and trailer and a cover. Great shape, and a fair price. Just wasn't sure I could justify having the 2 boats. Wasn't sure I would get the use out of the "little boat". Just curious. Thanks.
  11. How far down and how far back were you running your J-plug when you picked up that king by the sub? Thanks.
  12. Glad you found a couple and thanks for the Muskegon report.
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