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  1. Nice job ken. You did much better than others i talked to!
  2. 270 Wellcraft with 8.1 volvo. almost 10,000# wet. cruising 6 miles offshore, trolling for 4 hours, crusing back in has yielded about 16-18 gallons fuel.
  3. Way to go Don. Whenever in doubt, just fish down deep.
  4. Flat seas were a great site sunday morning. We ran straight out to 160 and set lines. We had a great early bite with Big Weenie paddles/flies 130-210 down on riggers and wire divers 300-380 back. After 9:00 the bite slowed and we picked away at a few coho on 200-250 coppers with mix vege spoon. Ended with a 3 man limit. If your not running a few of these Big Weenie paddle/fly combos, you might want to invest in a couple. We have taken 85 fish this year in 4 trips and 78 of these fish were on Weenie gear. Attached is a quick video showing the paddles that are working for us. Rubber Poofster, Artic Ice and Frostsickle were good this weekend.
  5. we decided to venture out Saturday in the 35 degree air temp with a stiff se wind and ice pellets hitting the boat as we set lines. 3-5 foot waves pointed us on a nw troll with a 4 rod spread. It only took us 4 hours to get our 4 man limit. Same program we have been running all year, Big Weenie paddle/fly combos on riggers 130-180 down and wire divers 300-350 back. Best water was 180-220.
  6. You can ride with us Don incase your boat is not fixed.....
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