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  1. I got the new sport pilot last spring from Raymarine and love it had it out in big water and flat water. with no problems keeping the boat running straight. And a breeze to install.
  2. Look's great Jim. My best color is Michigan sunset, and mix veggie, killer green glow
  3. I need help with mine as well can you pm me your ## you can show me to please
  4. Quick trip with the family before the rain 5:30 to 7:00 ran to 190 aimed the boat East and hit auto. ended in 140 4 for 7 all on slammers king killer, mix veggie, Glow lemon Lime Ice,NBK all took hits lost a good fish on a green spiny and green fly. all fish 6 to 8 LBS.
  5. My best rod on my boat is a 2 or 3 color depending on how rough it is with a Michigan sun set JP slammer
  6. went out with with sea-mac and somthing' fishy ended up 5 for 7 in 110 to 140 with 120 best with a s.w. troll spin doctors and fly's and brook trout moonshine took most of the fish.
  7. I could sit at the boat lunch with a 30 pack all day
  8. went out with my kid for the last time tonight took4 home and lost 2 all in 120 to 145 out of PS

  9. where are the fish

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